CEDIA EXPO 2013 Wrap-Up Special

Home Theater Product and Technology Highlights

The annual CEDIA EXPO was held at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado, and featured a host of both domestic and international exhibitors showcasing the latest home theater product innovations for dealers, installers, press, and industry analysts. According to TWICE 17,900 attendees were at the 2013 event.

For a look back at a cross-section of home theater products and technology exhibited at the show that will impact the home theater market in 2014 and beyond, check out the archive below of some of the announcements made during the show.

Epson Announces New Home Theater Projectors at CEDIA 2013

The CEDIA EXPO wouldn't be the same without lots of video projectors on display, and EPSON was more than happy to oblige with the introduction of seven new models in their PowerLite series that can meet a variety of venues and budgets. Most of the new units are 3D compatible, and one even includes WirelessHD (WiHD) connectivity. However, the big news is they all feature enhanced brightness capabilities that make both indoor and outdoor use in situations where light control may not be that precise more practical.

  • Read my report for all the details.

Sony Announces Two New 4K Video Projectors at CEDIA 2013

Sony is a big player in 4K video projection (their 4K cinema projectors are used in a lot theaters around the world), but they are also making a big impact with their home theater ES line-up. Sony was onhand at the 2013 CEDIA EXPO with two new entries, the $28,000 VPL-VW1100 ES and the $15,000 VPL-VW6600ES. However, if that is too expensive for you, they also showed off their new high-end 1080p projector, the $4,000 VPL-HW55ES.

JVC Intros 3rd Generation e-Shift 4K Projectors at CEDIA 2013

JVC brought their third generation e-Shift video projectors which offer a different take on 4K. Some of the changes this year were improved brightness, contrast, and motion response, along with the added ability to input native 4K signals. However, there is more to story, which you can find out in my full report.

LG Shows New Less Expensive 4K Ultra HD TVs at CEDIA 2013

4K Ultra HD TVs just keep on coming, and although the first crop was really expensive, as more models and screen size options become available they are starting to come in at lower price points. With that in mind, LG showed off two new 4K Ultra HD TVs at the CEDIA EXPO, the 55-inch 55LA9650 ($3,499.99) and 65-inch 65LA9650 ($4,999.99). To find out what these two new offerings include, in addition to 4K Ultra HD display resolution, 3D, and Smart TV features, read my report.

LG Announces the SoundPlate TV Audio System at CEDIA 2013

Although LG's big news at the 2013 CEDIA EXPO was its new, lower-priced, LA9650 series 4K Ultra HD TVs, they also "slid-in" another product under those TVs, the LAP340 SoundPlate audio system.

The SoundPlate packs in complete 120 watt 4.1 channel amplified speaker system and dual subwoofers into a platform that is only 1-3/6 inches high, making it a very interesting alternative to the traditional sound bar.
Read my report to find out more details.

Speakercraft Reveals New TV Speaker Products - CEDIA 2013

Speakercraft was onhand at the CEDIA EXPO with several new products, including a refinements and additions to its successful CS TV speaker line. Speakercraft's TV speaker is a product that places the components of sound bar and placing them inside of an "audio console" or "pedestal" that you can set your TV on top off.
Read my report for more details.

Yamaha Debuts New Digital Sound Projector and Sound Bar at CEDIA 2013

Although LG's SoundPlate and SpeakerCraft's CS series of under-TV audio systems got a lot of attention, Yamaha was also onhand at CEDIA with its latest sound bar and digital sound projector products.

Yamaha is offering its YSP-1400 Digital Sound Projector, featuring 8 beam drivers and two built-in subwoofers at the lowest price so far for that product line, $449.95, while its 47-inch wide 2.2 channel sound bar, the YAS-152, is being offered at $349.95.

For more details, Read my report.

Anthem Unveils Generation 2 MRX-Series Home Theater Receivers

Although TVs and video projectors get all the big hype at CEDIA, the A/V receiver is the real workhorse in a true home theater setup.

Anthem was onhand with a new 2nd Generation of MRX-series home theater receivers. There are three models in the new line, the MRX310, MRX510, and MRX710. The MRX310 is designed for 5.1 channel configurations, while the MRX510 and 710 provide up to 7.1 channels. All three receivers feature a more streamlined front panel look and lots more connectivity options than their predecessors, as well as including a newly refined version of the Anthem Room Correction (ARC) speaker setup system, referred to as ARC 1M.

However, there is a lot more that has been added, especially to the MRX-510 and 710. For more details, Read my report.

DarbeeVision Announces New Products and Licensing Deal at CEDIA 2013

It isn't only the big things that are important to show off at the CEDIA EXPO, sometimes the little things turn out to be bigger than you expect. DarbeeVision is one such company that has created quite stir (in a very positive way) with its compact in-line video processors that enhance TV and video projected images, without upscaling. At this year's CEDIA they unveiled a couple of new products as well as a licensing deal that will put their technology inside a new Blu-ray Disc player with a very popular brand name.

Outdoor Home Theater Gets a Boost at CEDIA 2013

Along with physical products, trends in content access and distribution is also spotlighted at the the CEDIA EXPO. One trend that was spotlighted is the increase in Outdoor Entertainment. Check out a new partnership that intends to make Backyard Home Theater more accessible to consumers as a viable addition to entertainment enjoyment with new products and initiatives.

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