CDs, MP3s, & Other Media

CDs, MP3s, and other types of media can store movies and music for you. Learn how to use and care for them.

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Broken audio cassette tape
Converting and Digitizing Audio Cassettes to MP3
Student with earphones checking cell phone outside classroom
Listen to eBooks by Converting Them to MP3s for Free
Young couple listening to and sharing music.
What Is an MP3 Player?
Compact Discs
Free CD and DVD Error-Checking Software
Microphone with stage lights in the background
Add Karaoke-Style Lyrics to Your Music Collection With LRC Format
Microphone icon
How to Check MP3 Files for Errors
Conversion of iTunes AAC to MP3
How to Convert iTunes Songs to MP3
Two optical discs laid atop each other
Super Audio Compact Disc (SACD) Players and Discs
Young man recording audio on laptop
How to Convert AAC to MP3 With iTunes
absolute vinyl scratch
How Using a Record Cleaner Keeps Vinyl Collections Sounding Pristine
Close-up look at a scratched compact disc
How to Fix a Scratched CD
Man inserting MP3 CD
What Are MP3 CDs?
AutoRip logo
Amazon MP3 FAQ: What Is Amazon AutoRip?
Woman jogging and smiling while listening to MP3s playing at normalized volume
How to Normalize MP3 Files to Play at the Same Volume
Person listening to music on a CD
All About the CD, HDCD, and SACD Audio Disc Formats
Laptop, headphones and cap
How to Burn a Music CD in Windows
CBR vs VBR Encoding
An artistic image with multiple CDs
How to Make Your Own CDs With iTunes
Windows Media Player: rip cds
How to Use Windows Media Player to Copy Music From CDs
Audacity Main Screen
How to Convert WAV to MP3 in Audacity
A turntable cartridge near a spinning record
How to Choose Your Next Turntable Cartridge or Stylus
Sign hanging outside for an Apple Store
How to Give Apple Music (or Products) as a Gift
MP3Gain - Normalize MP3 screenshot
What Is ReplayGain and How Does It Work?
A CD-ROM drive in a laptop
How to Burn an MP3 CD in Windows Media Player 12
Collection of CDs on a table.
How to Copy a CD
A vinyl LP on a turntable
How to Preserve Vinyl Records On CD
UPC Barcode For Music
Why Are CD Barcodes Needed to Sell Music Online?
CDs in a pile
How Many Songs Can Fit on One MP3 CD?
iTunes window with iTunes logo
How to Copy a Music CD to iTunes
Inserting a blank CD into a laptop
Make an MP3 CD in Windows Media Player 11
Teenage girl listening to music with headphones and mp3 player on living room sofa
How to Repair Damaged MP3 Files
placeholder image
Use iTunes to Copy CDs to Your iPhone or iPod
Man in headphones using laptop at table
What to Consider Before Converting to MP3
Scratched Compact Disc
The Best Way to Rip Scratched CDs in iTunes
Person lying on bed listening music with headphones
Keep MP3 Songs in Amazon Cloud, iCloud, and YouTube Music
Sample of Loss of Detail Due to JPEG compression
What Is Media File Compression?
Pile of cd or dvd disks
How to Rip CDs in Windows Media Player 12
View of the iTunes Store
How to Rip Music CDs to ALAC in iTunes

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