How to Add To, Cc, and Bcc Recipients Easily

Mozilla Thunderbird

Is it easy to type email addresses? Is it easy to remember email addresses?

Fortunately, Mozilla Thunderbird remembers them, and when you start typing a name (or address), it is completed automatically. Still not ideal for adding 20 recipients to an email you forward — and you don't want to set up a group?

Mozilla Thunderbird has a trick up its toolbar for this situation, too: the Contacts sidebar. And if you're missing an Add to Bcc: button, turn to the context menu.

Add To, Cc and Bcc Recipients Easily in Mozilla Thunderbird

To add recipients swiftly in Mozilla Thunderbird:

  • Click Contacts in the message's toolbar.
  • Optionally, select the desired address book or use search to locate the desired recipients.
    • Note you can only search one address book at a time.
  • Highlight all people you want to add.
  • To add them to the To: field:
    • Click the Add to To: button.
  • To add them to the Cc: field:
    • Click the Add to Cc: button.
  • To add them to the Bcc: field:
    • Click on one of the recipients with the right mouse button.
    • Select Add to Bcc field from the menu