Catching Mew in Pokemon Red and Blue

With this glitch you can catch 'em all.

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Mew In The Animated Movie 'Pokemon:The First Movie.

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The release of Pokémon Blue, Red, and Yellow on the Nintendo 3DS introduced a whole new generation to the games that started the Pokémon phenomenon and lets long-time fans enjoy another journey through Kanto. Luckily, Nintendo didn't remove the interesting and useful glitches during the transition. You can use a very specific set of actions to obtain the 151st Pokémon Mew. The guide below will let you know exactly what you have to do to see this piece of Pokéhistory. 

Mew's Characteristics

Species: New Species
Type: Psychic
Abilities: Synchronize
Weaknesses: Ghost, Dark, Bug
Height (ft): 1' 4"
Weight (lbs): 8.8

Mew is simply an awesome Pokémon. Aside from just having bragging rights, Mew is a super versatile Pokémon. It can learn any HM or TM, and this allows you to basically make a completely customized Pokémon.

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Prerequisites for the Mew Glitch

Pokémon Mew
  • Access to Cerulean City
  • Must not have beaten the trainer to the left of Nugget Bridge.
  • Must not have beaten the Youngster on Route 25.
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The Trainer By Nugget Bridge

Once you've reached Cerulean City, you'll need to clear the trainers on Nugget Bridge that's to the North. At the top of the bridge to the left in the grassy area, you'll see a trainer. Do not fight him. However, you must walk around him to his grassy area and catch an Abra.

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Clear (Almost) All of Route 25

Go to Route 25 and defeat everyone except the trainer in the picture to the left. Once you do this make sure and save (If you do not save you might ruin this forever). This is essential, if you fight this trainer it is still possible to glitch a Mew, but not using this method for the rest of your game.

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Line Up the Pitch

Go back to the top of Nugget Bridge and line up with the trainer to the left in the grass. (Make sure you're lined up with the trainer but he's off-screen.) Make sure he's one square away from being on screen and hold down and start at the same time.

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Starting the Glitch

If it works you will see the menu and the trainer looking at you. Because the game registered the menu press, you have the chance to teleport away with your Abra. Do so immediately, if you do not, you will end up fighting this trainer and the glitch will not work.

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Take Care of the Youngster

Now go back to the trainer you didn't battle on Route 25 and make sure he runs into you and starts the battle.

If you trigger the battle by talking to him with the A button the game will just crash.

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Almost There

After you battle him use teleport. You'll be back in Cerulean City. Walk back up towards Nugget Bridge and Route 24 just like you did twice before.

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Actually Catching Mew

Once you cross the line between Cerulean City and Route 24, your menu will open. Upon closing it you will find yourself in a battle with a Level 7 MEW. Make sure you bring a Pokémon that knows Sleep Powder, and some under-leveled Pokémon that can chip away at Mew's health because catching him is a pain with standard Poké Balls and that's all you have at this point.

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