Carter Dotson

 I'm Carter Dotson, Android games expert for Lifewire since 2015. I live and breathe mobile games in a way few others do. I've always been a fan of portable gaming, but mobile gaming has been an obsession of mine, and writing about it has become my career. I've seen countless games come and go here to tell you about all the things you need to know about games on Android, from someone who knows and respects mobile games.


I've been covering mobile games for all the top mobile gaming outlets like 148Apps,, Android Rundown, and TouchArcade since 2009. I've seen thousands of  games. I've filled 128 GB devices to the brim. I have massive piles of Android controllers. I have boxes full of Android tablets. I've forgotten more mobile games than most people could even imagine.

Carter Dotson

I'm one of the few people who has actively covered mobile games on a regular basis in the modern era of mobile gaming, with Google Play and the App Store. I have a special perspective and vast knowledge that few others have on mobile gaming, and I believe I have the unique insights necessary to tell you what's happening in Android gaming.

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