Cars Cheat Codes for Nintendo Wii

Unlock all cars, racetracks, and paint jobs on the Wii version

Tow Mater in the Cars universe

Disney Pixar

In Cars for Nintendo Wii, you can compete in dozens of races as all your favorite characters from the 2006 Pixar classic movie. New vehicles and tracks get unlocked as you win competitions, but there are cheat codes for Cars that give you access to everything the game has to offer from the very start.

These cheats apply specifically to the Wii edition. There are also cheat codes for Cars on PS2 as well as the Xbox version.

Cars Cheat Codes for Wii

To enter cheats, select Options on the main menu, then choose Password. Enter the appropriate code for the desired effect.

Code Effect
CONC3PT Unlock All Concept Art
IF900HP Unlock All Tracks and Mini-Games
IMSPEED Super Fast Start
MATTL66 Unlock All Races
R4MONE Unlock All Paint Jobs
TRGTEXC Unlock Maters Speedy Circuit and Mater's Countdown Clean Up
VROOOOM Unlimited Boost
WATCHIT Unlock All Movies
YAYCARS Unlock All Cars
CHMPION Unlock Hard (if you're in story mode only)

How to Get Out of the Desert

If you find yourself lost in the desert, get back to Radiator Springs by following any other car without bumping into it.

Jumping Cars Glitch

When you're racing in Arcade mode, jump your car as soon as you get to the finish line on the final lap. If you time it correctly, you'll keep jumping until your character stops talking.