Take Home the Piston Cup With These 'Cars' Cheat Codes for PS2

Use cheat codes and unlockable characters to enhance you gameplay

Sculptures of characters from Disney's Cars franchise.

Roderick Eime/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

The video racing game "Cars" is based on the 2006 movie of the same name. It takes place after the time of the movie in a fictional town named Radiator Springs. Gamers choose from 10 playable characters from the film, all of whom are voiced by the original film characters, and compete in 50 races. The game also includes minigames and items that the players collect. 

Cheat codes and unlockable secret characters are available to gamers to add skills and enhance their performance in gameplay.

Enter Cheat Codes

The following cheat codes for the "Cars" video game on PlayStation 2 are entered at the Cheat menu.

  • Unlock All Cars: Cheat code – YAYCARS
  • Fast Start: Cheat code – IMSPEED
  • Infinite Boost: Cheat code – VROOOOM
  • Unlock Master's Speedy Circuit and Master's Countdown Cleanup: Cheat code – TRGTEXC
  • Unlocks All Tracks and Minigames: Cheat code – MATTL66
  • Unlocks All Tracks and Minigames: Cheat code –  IF900HP
  • Unlocks Art: Cheat code – CONC3PT
  • Unlocks Movie Clips: Cheat code – WATCHIT
  • All Car Colors and Variations: Cheat code – R4MONE

Unlock Secret Characters

Secret characters aren't unlocked with a cheat code. Instead, you must complete a specific level or task. Here's a list of characters and the task you must complete to unlock them.

  • DJ – Win a race on Hard setting.
  • Boost – Win a race on SuperHard setting.
  • Hollister – Complete 100 piston cup races.
  • Lee Jr. – Complete 500 road races.
  • Tia – Reach speeds of 250 mph.
  • Sonny – Reach speeds of 300 mph.
  • Mack – Unlock everything on two profiles.
  • Vince – Finish Sheriff's Hot Pursuit.