Cars 2: The Video Game - Wii Game Review

Cars 2: The Video Game
There's nothing strongly objectionable about this game. Disney Interactive


Competent, a lot of racing modes.


Uninspired, no online multiplayer.

The racing game Cars 2: The Videogame is not terrible. It is not noticeably buggy, it is not exceptionally ugly and its design is decent. It implements the standard features of a kart racing game competently. And after playing it for a few hours, I was so bored I could barely stand it.

Developed byAvalanche Software
Published by: Disney Interactive
Genre: Racing
For ages: 10 and up
Platform: Wii
Release Date: June 21, 2011

The Basics: It's a Kart Racing Game

Based on the new Pixar movie, at first Cars 2 seems promising. It has all the elements you need for a solid kart racing game. You can jump and do tricks, you can turbo boost, you have a variety of weapons. Tracks have forking paths and there are special places you can only reach with a good burst of speed followed by a jump.

There are a variety of racing modes. There’s straight racing, battle racing, blasting away at other cars, collecting batteries to power a shield and battling cars in an open arena setting.

The Downside: The Game Begins to Drag

Some of these modes are more interesting than others. Battle racing is standard kart racing, as you speed around a track slowing your opponents by blasting them with pickups. While it pales in comparison with Mario Kart Wii, it’s still decent. Battle arena mode, on the other hand, is quite tedious. This mode is the equivalent of battle in the Twisted Metal series, but it is more annoying than exciting. Part of my objection is the weapons, which I felt I had very little control over. Some home in on cars, but others are hard to aim, so I would just keep firing in a general direction until I hit something or ran out of ammo. (The same weapons are used in battle racing, but the linear tracks ease the aiming issues).

Verdict: Well, It Could Be Worse

For the first two or three hours I found Cars 2 mildly entertaining, but as I continued playing I began to get really sick of the game. It might have helped if I could have tried multiplayer, but I don’t have any friends who want to play a kid’s racing game with me and the game does not offer online multiplayer.

Still, there is nothing particularly wrong with Cars 2. If you want a kart racing game for the Wii, you’re a fan of the movies and you’re sick of the much better Mario Kart Wii and Speed Racer, this game is not in any way incompetent. Unfortunately, it’s also not especially fun.

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