Carrot's New Weather App Comes With a Snarky and Insulting AI Chatbot

Find out the forecast… and get called a puny human

The popular Carrot weather app has gotten a massive overhaul and now includes a snarky AI chatbot. 

Carrot’s app has long been known for being a bit unconventional, adding amusing and sassy language to its weather updates, so one should expect more of the same from the ChatGPT-affiliated bot. This AI chatbot does not disappoint, delivering both up-to-the-minute local weather information and dismissive insults. 

Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather

The antagonistic responses are tongue-in-cheek and mostly revolve around calling humans “puny” or “bags of meat.” If that is too mean for you, the app lets you adjust the bot’s personality to make it more helpful, suave, depressed, angry, or drunk (really). 

Additionally, the app offers character-driven modes that completely switch up the bot’s personality to a mobster, cowboy, pirate, and even a proponent of “fake news” that ignores your questions entirely in favor of political double-speak.

The bot is powered by ChatGPT so you can ignore the weather entirely and just ask it to write a poem or, you know, just about anything else. You can try these modes for free but it costs money to keep the conversation going ($5 each month or a one-time tip.) 

Beyond artificial intelligence, Carrot’s app update also brings push notifications with critical weather alerts, a mode dedicated to informing users of nearby lightning, a new radar-based map view, and more. 

The update is rolling out today for iOS users but Android users will have to wait a little bit before getting insulted by an unfeeling language-modeling AI. Carrot says they will have more information on the Android version soon.

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