CarPlay Won’t Play Nice With the iPhone 13 or iOS 15

Many are reporting system shutdowns when trying to listen to music

Several users have been experiencing system shutdown issues when using CarPlay with iOS 15 or an iPhone 13, with no official word from Apple yet.

Something about the iPhone 13 and iOS 15 just doesn't agree with CarPlay, as the function has begun shutting down when users attempt to listen to music. There are several reports from people on Apple Support of CarPlay switching off or restarting at this point.

CarPlay dashboard


The issue seems to be tied to playing music (via Apple Music, Spotify, etc), and the problem persists across wired and wireless connections. In Apple Support user bigja14's case, CarPlay also will shut down when ending a phone call.

Over on Twitter, @AppleSupport has been suggesting that those affected try the standard restart/reinstall approach, which doesn't seem to be helping.

CarPlay phone screens


MacRumors has noted that forum user Apleeseed84 was able to get a more direct response from Apple's support, which alleges that iOS 15 specifically is the cause. This seems probable as CarPlay shutdowns are being reported in older iPhone models running iOS 15, as well, and not just the iPhone 13. Though without an official statement from Apple we can't know for sure.

In the meantime, several users have been able to find their own fixes. In some instances, going into the iPhone's music settings and turning off the EG option seems to take care of the problem—though not all the time. In other cases, people have had more luck with resetting their network settings, but again, this doesn't work for everyone.

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