Review of Carambis Software Updater

A free software update tool

Carambis Software Updater v2.0.0.1321

Carambis Software Updater seems to no longer work. It will check for outdated software but won't display the download links properly. There are lots of other free program updating tools that you can use instead.

Carambis Software Updater is a free program updating tool that scans your computer to find software that needs to be updated.

The results are displayed in your web browser, where you'll be given download links to update the applications.

Carambis Software Updater is straightforward and easy to use, without any confusing settings or download pages.

This review is of Carambis Software Updater version

More About Carambis Software Updater

  • Windows 10Windows 8Windows 7Windows Vista, and Windows XP users can find program updates with Carambis Software Updater
  • The results page of a scan made by Carambis Software Updater shows the update's version number and download size
  • Each download page has a description of the program as well as its number of views and downloads
  • The downloads you'll find from Carambis Software Updater are located at SoftSalad, which is a website that gives out download links to thousands of free programs
  • Additional program directories can be added to the settings so Carambis Software Updater will search for updates in custom folders as well as the default program installation folders in Windows, a useful feature if you have portable programs installed on another hard drive

Carambis Software Updater Pros & Cons

Though not full of features, Carambis Software Updater is still a good program updater for just about everyone:

  • Really easy to use

  • Supports automated daily scans

  • Small download size

  • Must download updates manually

  • Can't ignore/hide updates from showing up on the results page

  • Tries to install additional programs during setup

Thoughts on Carambis Software Updater

Carambis Software Updater is very simple to use so it shouldn't be difficult to work with even if you're a novice. You just have to open the program, scan for updates, and then click the download links it gives you in your web browser to update your applications.

Because there's a professional version of Carambis as well as this free one, several features seem to be missing, such as a download manager, direct downloads, and advanced scheduling settings.

However, considering that Carambis Software Updater scans all your programs for you to find outdated versions, it's still better than not using a software updater at all, which would require you to check each download page yourself for an available update.

While downloading Carambis Software Updater, you might be asked to install toolbars and make other unnecessary changes to your computer but you can easily skip over these requests... just pay close attention during the installation wizard.