How to Use In-Car GPS for Hands-Free Mobile Phone Calling

What to Know

  • If your GPS doesn't support Bluetooth, purchase an extension, or find a model with this capability that is compatible with your phone.
  • Enable Bluetooth on your phone, add the phone as a permitted Bluetooth device, and then enter the provided PIN number.

This article explains how to use the GPS in your car to make hands-free phone calls.

Determine If Your Phone Supports Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a wireless network standard designed to permit connectivity between consumer devices, in this case, your in-car GPS and your mobile phone. If you are unsure whether your phone supports Bluetooth, consult your phone manual or check the phone maker’s website. Most phones do not have Bluetooth turned on as the default setting (to save battery power), so check your manual to determine how to turn on Bluetooth.

Does Your GPS Supports Bluetooth and Mobile Phone Hands-Free?

If not, purchase an extension for this; TomTom and Garmin, for example, offer a number of in-car GPS models that support Bluetooth hands-free phone connections. See the links at the bottom of this page to quickly find models with this capability and their compatibility with specific phone models.

Pair Your Phone and In-Car GPS

Now that you have a compatible in-car GPS receiver and phone, all you need to do is pair them and learn how to use the GPS phone interface. Your phone manual and GPS manual will include specific instructions for pairing, but it generally involves:

  • Turning on both devices and bringing them within 10 feet of each other (make sure your phone Bluetooth is enabled).
  • Adding the phone as a permitted Bluetooth device and entering a provided PIN number.

Using Your In-Car GPS for Hands-Free Calling

In-car GPS phone hands-free features often include (via the touchscreen): manual dialing, phone directory dialing, voice dial, if your phone supports it (a great feature combined with hands-free), view messages, and more.

Why Use Your Car's GPS to Make Calls?

Studies show that using a hand-held mobile phone while driving is a dangerous distraction. Almost all U.S. states have some type of restriction on hand-held cell phone use while driving. Switching to a hands-free system that eliminates phone handling and manual dialing dramatically reduces distractions. That's why a lot of in-car GPS receivers offer wireless connectivity to mobile phones, including microphones and speakers, and touchscreen display to control the phone.

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