Capturing Video Streams From the Web Using Your iPad

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Downloading music videos from services such as YouTube can be better than streaming in certain instances. If you find yourself watching the same music videos over and over again, then it makes sense to download them rather than stream. The main advantages include:

  • Reduced strain on your iPad's battery (it takes more power to stream).
  • Save time online finding your favorite videos.
  • Watch music videos that are no longer available online.
  • Free-up more bandwidth on your Internet connection.

There might also be times when you won't have access to the Internet and so can't stream music videos. In this scenario having your favorites already stored on your iPad enables you to watch them practically anywhere.

Being able to download rather than stream is, therefore, a useful option. However, the iPad doesn't come with any built-in facilities to capture video streams from the Web and turn them into files. For this, you'll need to use a dedicated app.

But, with all the video downloading apps now on Apple's store, which one do you install?

To get you started we've chosen a free tool on the App Store called Video Downloader Lite Super that is simple to use and is excellent at downloading content from YouTube. But, before you follow the rest of this guide it is worth remembering about copyright -- don't distribute any downloaded files and ensure you adhere to the streaming service's rules.

For more information on this subject, be sure to read our article on the legalities of downloading videos from YouTube.

Downloading Music Videos to The iPad

  1. Go to the App Store using your iPad and search for Video Downloader Lite Super (by George Young). As a visual cue, look for the app that has an orange icon with the word Lite on it. Alternatively, use this link to go straight to the app.
  2. When the tool has been installed on your iOS device, you can either tap the Open button to launch it or go to the iPad's home screen and run it from there.
  3. If you get a message pop up on the screen asking if you want to upgrade to the full version, then unless you want to do this straight away you can tap No thanks for now.
  4. When you run the app you'll notice that it has a built-in browser. You can type in the address of a video streaming website at the top of the screen (if you know it), or search for one using the familiar Google search box.
  5. Once you've chosen a website to use, search for a music video that you want to download and start watching it.
  6. A pop-up menu should appear giving you two options -- tap the Download button.
  7. Type in a name for the video file you are about to create and hit the Return key. Now tap the Save button in the top right-hand corner of the screen to start downloading.
  1. To see the progress of your download, tap the Downloads menu tab near the bottom of the screen. By default videos are clear from this list once downloading has finished, but you can change this if needed via the app's settings menu.
  2. Tapping on the Files menu will give you a list of videos that have been successfully downloaded. Tapping on one will start it playing. You can also perform file management tasks via the Edit button situated in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

To download another online video, simply repeat from step 5 again.


  • Some video services like YouTube play the occasional advertisement before a video starts. If this happens, tap outside the download pop-up menu when it appears so you don't end up grabbing the ad instead. After the ad has finished you should then get another download prompt appear when the actual music video starts.