How to Fix It When You Can't Share Music on Instagram

Be sure you're running the latest version and check out these other solutions

If you can't share music on your Instagram and music sharing is available where you live, there's probably an easy fix.

Why Is Instagram Music Not Working?

If music sharing isn't working on Instagram, there could be a few potential causes such as:

  • The app is out of date
  • Outdated temporary or cache files
  • You are using an Instagram business account
  • Music sharing is not supported in your country

If you see a message like “The Song Is Currently Unavailable,” the specific song isn't available in your country, or the song has been removed by the artist.

How to Fix It When You Can't Share Music on Instagram

Follow these steps in order until you can share music on your Instagram Story.

  1. Restart the Instagram app. Close the Instagram app and reopen it to clear out any temporary technical hiccups.

  2. Restart your device. A reboot will clear out old or corrupted files that can interfere with Instagram.

  3. Update the Instagram app. You can't share music without the latest app updates, so check for app updates on your Android device or app updates on your iPhone.

  4. Sign out and sign in again. From your profile, tap MenuSettings > Log Out, then reenter your login credentials.

  5. Clear the app cache. Even if the app is up-to-date, there could be outdated files causing conflicts.

  6. Reinstall the Instagram app. Delete the mobile app, then redownload it from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

  7. Switch to a personal or creator account. If you're using a business account, the music sharing feature may not work. From your profile, tap MenuSettings > Account > Switch Account Type.

  8. Disable your VPN. Likewise, if you typically use a VPN, make sure it's not set to a country where music sharing is unavailable.

  9. Contact Instagram. If you've tried everything and still can't determine why you can't share music, you can try reporting the issue to Instagram.

You can save and share music from Instagram Reels if you want share them in a message or another app.

  • How do I save music on Instagram?

    To save music on Instagram, tap the name of the audio track under the creator's name, then tap Save Audio. After saving an audio track, you can share it in a direct message or in another app.

  • How do I add music to a video on Instagram?

    To add music to a video on Instagram, go to Your Story and make a video, then tap Stickers > Music.

  • Why can't I share my Instagram music story on Facebook?

    Try relinking Facebook to your Instagram account, then log out of both apps and log back in again. Clear the app cache for both apps and restart your device.

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