'Can’t Post It' App Takes a New Approach to Public Privacy

Mess up unwanted recordings or posted videos with the power of copyright

In an attempt to combat finding yourself the unwilling participant in someone else's video, Samson Technologies has unveiled its Can't Post It smartphone app.

Can't Post It is intended to act as both a means of discouraging someone from posting a video of you against your wishes and a direct disruption to their recording. According to Samson founder Dylan Sterman, "We've all seen videos where a cell phone gets pointed at someone, and I wanted to give people a legal and nonviolent recourse to this."

Using Can't Post It

Samson Technologies

When activated, Can't Post It will play a song licensed to Samson through your device's speakers (called "Death of a Post"), as well as cause the camera light to strobe. The steady flashing is meant to throw off the video recording, and the music is there to discourage anyone from posting or sharing the video online.

Disrupting video with Can't Post It

Samson Technologies

Samson states that it's put a lock on its "Death of a Post" track, along with a $1 million licensing fee, which should lead to automated video blocks and copyright strikes. So any video that includes the song in part or in its entirety would either need to be pulled down or heavily edited. Samson also says that, in the event of the poster paying the licensing fee, the money would go to whoever was being recorded against their will. Somehow.

Can't Post It is available now on both the Apple App Store and on Google Play for $0.99. You can also download the "Death of a Post" music track from Amazon or Apple Music for the same price.

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