Canon Pixma MG5320

Review of Canon's All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer

Photo Courtesy of Canon

Since it has been about five years now since the Pixma MG5320 All-in-One Color Inkjet hit the streets, there have been a couple of upgrades for this printer. The most recent was the Pixma MG5720 Wireless Inkjet All-in-One Printer. Please click the previous link to go there.

The Canon Pixma MG5320 is a very reasonably priced all-in-one (minus the fax) inkjet printer. While printing times are not particularly speedy, neither is it frustratingly slow; and somehow, color photos print out quick fast, with very good quality. I found color graphics to be acceptable but certainly not thrilling or crystal clear. But, given the price, it performs above its class.


The answer to the speed question, when it comes to the Pixma MG5320, is, It depends. That's not always the case--often time, a printer that's fast (or slow) puts out just about any print at about the same speed. In this case, however, the MG5320 was all over the map. A four-page PDF with lots of graphics and colors took nearly a minute to print, with the first page taking 17 seconds to come out (an average of 12 seconds per page, not counting that first one). That's not going in the record books. However, a four-page Word document (with some graphics, but nothing huge) took half that time and was out in only 28 seconds (with eight seconds accounting for that first page, or less than seven seconds a page average time).

Similarly, a large jpg with lots of colors took 45 seconds to print. But a 4x6 photograph printed out amazingly fast, in only 25 seconds. So the bottom line on speed is, it depends on what you're printing, but in the worst case scenario, you won't be waiting all that long.

There's a built-in duplexer, which of course adds some time to the process. That four-page Word document went from 28 seconds to 1:08 to print using the duplexer.

Print Quality

The good news is that black fonts print very sharply and clearly. This isn't a laser printer, but from a distance, its prints are competitive with a laser printer. Under a magnifying glass there's a bit of bleed visible, so that crispness is something of an illusion. Still, that's probably good enough for most applications.

Colors, particularly on printed photographs, weren't as overwhelmingly beautiful as I'd hoped, given the performance I've seen with other Canon Pixma printers. First, photo colors looked almost grainy and lacked the vividness I've come to expect even with many all-in-one printers which, of course, are not first and foremost aimed at printing photos. Under the magnifying glass, they were even less impressive.

Bells and Whistles

For well under $200, Canon has certainly thrown in a lot of nice extras. You can jazz up photos a bit using features from Easy-PhotoPrint, some simple graphics-editing software that comes bundled with the printer. Fun features such as a fish-eye lens, background blurring, and soft focus are easy to use and fairly intuitive, though the Easy-PhotoPrint interface could use some larger buttons to make these functions easier to find.

There's built-in wireless capability and a built-in duplexer, both of which are welcome in a low-priced printer; in particular, the latter is fairly rare in the $150 range, but it can certainly help save paper (and money). There's a USB port up front along with several slots for memory cards. The MG5320 can even print on CDs and DVDs using the included tray, which is another rare find for this price. And the printer supports full HD movie print, so you can print from HD video.

The pop-up LCD screen is bright and easy to see. The machine's controls are uncluttered and very simple to find and use. And the machine itself is very compact for an all-in-one inkjet printer, measuring only 17.8" W x 14.5"D x 6.6" H and weighing in at 18 lbs.

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