Canon Camera Connect App: What It Is and How To Use It

How to take pictures remotely on your Canon DSLR with your phone

A man uses the Canon Camera Connect app to take a photo remotely.

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Some digital cameras come with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, but it isn't always immediately clear how to take advantage of those features. In the case of certain Canon cameras, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth can be used as a method to wirelessly connect the camera to the Canon Camera Connect app on a compatible cellphone. This app allows you to take photos remotely, adjust a variety of camera settings, and even view and download photos that are stored on the camera.

What is Canon Camera Connect, and What Can it Do?

Canon Camera Connect is a smartphone app that's designed to allow you to control your camera wirelessly.

The primary function of Canon Camera Connect is to act as a wireless alternative to tethered remote controls and triggers, so you can use it to snap photos without inadvertently jostling a camera that you have painstakingly set up on a tripod with a particular shot in mind.

When used in the remote live view shooting mode, the LCD display on the camera shuts off, and a live view from the camera appears on the phone. This allows you to adjust settings like focus and white balance, and snap a photo whenever you're ready.

The other mode allows you to access photos that are stored on your camera. This mode lets you see thumbnails of all the photos you have taken. After selecting one, you can set it as a favorite, save it to your phone, or even delete it.

Will Your Camera and Phone Work With Canon Camera Connect?

The Canon Camera Connect app is compatible with select Vixia, Eos, and PowerShot cameras. If your camera isn't one of those three, then it won't work with the app. If you do have a Vixua, Eos, or Powershot, you can check Canon's full list of compatible cameras to see if the app will work.

The app is available for iOS and Android, but it works across a wider range of Android devices. It won't run or even install on Android 4.3 and older, but it does work on devices running Android and newer.

According to Canon, your iPhone needs to run iOS 9.3, 10.3 or 11.2 to work, and the app is not guaranteed to work on other versions.

Cannon Connect works through both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but it works better through Bluetooth due to reduced latency. Your camera and phone both need to have Bluetooth 4.0 if you want to use the Bluetooth connection feature.

How to Connect Your Canon DSLR or Point and Shoot Camera to the Canon Camera Connect App

Before you can use the Canon Camera Connect app, you need to set your camera up for the connection. This process starts on the camera, and then you complete it using your phone. If you haven't already installed the app on your phone, make sure to do so before you proceed.

Once you have the app installed, you're ready to get started:

  1. Turn your camera on, and press the Menu button.

    The main menu of a Canon DSLR.
  2. Navigate to the configuration menus, and select Wi-Fi/NFC.

    The Wi-Fi/NFC menu of a Canon DSLR.

    A limited number of Canon cameras can connect via Bluetooth in addition to Wi-Fi. Select Bluetooth on this step if your camera supports this feature. Using the Bluetooth connection results in less communication delay between the camera and your phone.

  3. Select Enable.

    The Wi-Fi/NFC enable option on a Canon DSLR.
  4. Select OK.

    A photograph of a canon DSLR.

    On some models, you will have to select Wi-Fi function on this screen.

  5. Enter a nickname for the camera, and select OK.

    A photograph of the nickname function on a Canon DSLR.

    On some models, you may need to select Connect to Smartphone at this step.

  6. Select OK.

  7. Select Wi-Fi function.

    A photograph of a Canon DSLR.
  8. Select Connect to smartphone.

    A photograph of a Canon DSLR.

    Select Review/change settings if you want to customize your camera's Wi-Fi network or set a password.

  9. Select Easy connection.

    A photograph of a Canon DSRL.

    On some models, you will have to select Connect on this step.

  10. Open the Wi-Fi settings on your phone, locate your camera's Wi-Fi connection, and connect to it.

    Screenshots of an Android phone connecting to a Canon DSLR.

    Look at your camera for the Wi-Fi network password.

  11. Open the Camera Connect app on your phone.

  12. Select your Canon DSLR to complete the connection process.

    A screenshot of the Canon Connect app.
  13. If the connection is successful, the LCD display on your camera will turn off, and the app will display the message Connected to Camera.

How to Use the Canon Camera Connect Remote Shooting Feature

Once you've connected your camera to the app on your phone, you're ready to start shooting remotely. Just make sure they're connected, launch the Camera Connect app, and you're ready to go.

  1. Open the Camera Connect app, and tap Remote view live shooting.

    Screenshots of the Canon Camera Connect app.
  2. Your phone will display a live view from your Canon camera.

  3. Tap the large circle icon to take a picture.

  4. A screenshot of the Camera Connect app.

    If the image isn't focused, you can manually adjust the focus by tapping different areas of the live camera view.

  5. Depending on the mode your camera is in, you can tap the options in the lower left of the display to manually adjust things like white balance and focus.

    A screenshot of the Camera Connect app.
  6. Photos taken with this mode are saved on the camera, but you can use the app to view and download them on your phone.

Interacting With Images on Your Camera

The Camera Connect app is also capable of viewing and interacting with photos that are stored on your camera. If you have set the app up to work with your camera, then you're ready to start viewing, saving, and even deleting images from your camera with your phone.

  1. Open the Canon Camera Connect app.

    Screenshots of the Canon Camera Connect app.
  2. Select Images on camera.

  3. Tap a picture you want to view or download.

  4. The picture will open on your phone. Below the picture, you will see five icons that you can use to interact with the picture. Here is how to use each one:

    Tap i for information about a photo, star to mark it as a favorite, the download icon to download it to your phone, the share icon to share the photo, or the trash icon to delete it.

  5. If you choose to download an image to your phone, you can choose to download the original image or a reduced JPEG version of the image.