The Features Removed from Minecraft

Steve Co. Supply Crate Keys and Other Items Removed from Minecraft

Minecraft's April Fools Joke 2011 "Steve Co. Supply Crate". Taylor Harris

Minecraft has had many features removed over the six years it has been out. Mobs, blocks, locations, commands, and other various notable features have been forced out of the game to either be replaced with something else or to be removed entirely. Some were pranks, some were concepts and some just didn’t work. Let’s jump right in and see what didn’t make the cut!

Obsidian Walls

Back in the early days of Minecraft known as ‘Infdev’, Obsidian Walls were spawned as a naturally generated structure that would point out the four cardinal directions (North, East, South, and West). It was an update that was removed fairly fast, and the reasoning is speculated to be because there was no need to have a line of blocks, as regardless of the way you were facing, you would be facing one of the four cardinal directions (in regards to the sides of a block).

Locked Chests

As an April Fool’s joke, a block was added known as the "Locked Chest." Upon using the chest, a screen would open redirecting you to a page that stated, “Welcome to the Minecraft Store!” The store was fake, poked fun at Valve’s Team Fortress 2 store by not only using the font associated with it, but also sold various items that were poking fun at either Team Fortress 2 items (Steve Co. Supply Crate Keys, and a Miner’s Helmet), updates people asked for (a way to change names), and even a joke about how hard it was to get support from Minecraft (that was outrageously priced at $494).

Far Lands

From Alpha versions of Minecraft, to Beta 1.7, a mathematical error would in the world generation code that would create land that appeared to be a border to what was thought to be the ‘infinite’ world known as Minecraft. This bug caused what is known as the Far Lands. This bug would generate between the positive and negative points of 12,550,821 and 12,550,825 on any axis that was horizontal. The land generated in the Far Lands seem to be completely scattered around, without much pattern to them.

Many glitches happen here, notably, massive frame-rate drops, stutters of the map, weather not affecting the Far Lands and various other things. The Far Lands will tend to “break” at 2147483647 blocks, which will cause the game to completely crash and not generate any land further.

Isometric Screenshots

The Isometric screenshot was a feature of the game that would create an image of the map in an Isometric view. The feature was removed because of many glitches where the screenshots would not render correctly due to chunk errors not being in a player’s Field of View. There were many limitations to the concept that held it back from being a feature that stayed in game and that ultimately lead it to be a feature that was removed and would be missed.

After it’s removal in game, the Minecraft website still had a page that would allow Isometric views of the maps in the Infdev versions to be seen, had an option to change the time of day, and gave the option to zoom in and view the land closer.


Implemented back in the stages of Pre-Classic, Humans were added. The Humans would use the default "Steve" skin, regardless of the player’s used skin. Humans, when spawned, would target the player and attempt to kill it. They would walk around the map and wait for the player to be targeted. In Minecraft Classic version 0.0.15a, the ability to spawn Humans was removed and throughout updates after Beta 1.6.6. the Human mob code was slowly being taken out, until all remaining code was removed in the official release version 1.8.

In Conclusion

Many features have joined and left Minecraft’s code and have either been replaced with something new or have been forgotten entirely in order to create progress. This is beneficial to the game’s growth and with features leaving, new features are sure to come in the future.