How to Cancel a Venmo Payment

Venmo the wrong person or the wrong amount? This is how you fix it

What to Know

  • Cancel payment to New User: Select the Profile icon, then tap the Return Money icon and choose Take Back.
  • You cannot cancel payments to registered Venmo accounts. To reclaim the money, request repayment from the user who received it.

Venmo payment errors are not uncommon. Maybe you added an extra digit to a payment or selected the wrong recipient. Depending on the nature of the exchange, you may be able to cancel the payment; here's how.

Cancel a Payment to a New User

A New User designation in Venmo means you've searched for an email address or phone number that doesn't have a registered Venmo account. If you do this for a friend, they have the option to create an account and claim the money. If they don't create an account your money is left out in limbo. You can reclaim it with these steps:

  1. Select Profile from the bottom menu.

  2. Under the Transactions tab, select the Return Money symbol. This takes you to the Incomplete Payments page.

  3. Find the incomplete payment and select Take Back.

    A Venmo user cancels a payment sent to a new user

Your funds are returned to the source you chose to send them, whether that's your Venmo balance, bank account, debit, or credit card. Depending on what method you used it may take 3-7 business days for the money to come back.

Cancel a Venmo Payment

If you've made a Venmo payment to a registered user, then those funds are instantly in their Venmo balance for their use. You can't actually cancel a payment that you've sent in Venmo, so you're left with a few options.

Your first (and best) option is to simply ask the recipient to send the payment back to you. This is one of the main reasons that it's generally recommended to use Venmo with people you know, so that if you send $700 instead of $7 by accident you can just ask your friend to send it back ... and that's a true story.

If you sent a payment to the wrong person entirely, the first thing you should do is send them a message and request they send it back. This is much faster than going through Venmo's system to have them mediate the transaction. You can contact Venmo if the recipient is unresponsive, sending the user and payment information, but there are no guarantees they can straighten it out.

The last option is available only if the funds are still in the recipient's Venmo account and haven't been used or transferred to their bank. If that's the case, then you can request for Venmo to reverse the transaction; however, the recipient still has to give their permission for this to happen.

Avoid Cancelling Venmo Payments

The best thing is to avoid this process in general. Check the user photo before you pay someone, and make sure it's correct. When you're putting in the amount, make sure you're typing carefully, and confirm the amount (watch the decimal point) before you finalize the transaction.

Double-check everything, making sure that you haven't made an accidental error.

Once again, Venmo recommends you only use it with people you know, which minimizes the headache from trying to recover from one of these simple mistakes.

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