How to Cancel Subscriptions On Roku

You can manage some subscriptions right from your Roku

What to Know

  • Select a channel on your Roku and press the star button to access Manage subscription.
  • Select Cancel subscription to cancel that channel on your Roku.
  • You can also visit the Roku website to manage subscriptions or do it via the channel's website.

This guide walks you through canceling channels on Roku so you no longer have to pay for them.

How to Cancel a Subscription on Roku

If you set up a channel on your Roku through the Roku device, the quickest and easiest way to cancel them is through the Roku device itself.

  1. Turn your TV on and using the Roku remote, select the channel you want to cancel.

  2. Press the star button on your Roku remote to bring up the options menu. Select Manage subscription.

    You probably set up the channel externally if you don't see the option. You can use the methods below to cancel it instead.

  3. Select Cancel subscription.

How to Find Paid Subscriptions On Roku

If you find that you can't cancel your subscription to a channel through your Roku device, you may have signed up for it externally, either through that channel's official provider or through the Roku website. Here's how you can cancel those.

  1. Navigate to the Roku official website and select the account icon or Sign In button on the top-right.

    Sign in on Roku website homepage
  2. Input your login information and select Submit.

    Submit on Roku website login
  3. On your account page, select Manage your subscriptions.

    Manage your subscriptions on Roku account page
  4. The subscriptions page will list all of your existing (and expired/canceled) channels. Find the channel you want to cancel and select the Cancel subscription button next to them.

    Subscriptions page on the Roku website.

How to Cancel Roku Subscriptions On The Official Websites

If you would rather go direct to the source to cancel your channel subscriptions, you can always visit the official websites for those channels, log in, and cancel them manually. Lifewire has helpful guides on all the most popular ones, including how to cancel Netflix, how to cancel Hulu, and how to cancel Amazon Prime.

  • How do I add subscriptions to Roku?

    First, add the Roku channel for the service you want to watch. When you open the channel, you can set up a new account or log in to an existing one.

  • How do I log out of my Roku?

    To log out of your Roku, you must factory reset the device. You can't have more than one account on a single Roku, but you can use the same account on multiple Rokus.

  • Why is Roku charging me each month?

    If you have any subscriptions that you set up through your Roku device, you may get billed by Roku rather than the streaming service itself.

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