How to Cancel Instacart Orders, Memberships, and Free Trials

What to do if you change your mind about this grocery delivery service

What to Know

  • To cancel an order:: Account > Your orders > View order detail > Cancel order.
  • To cancel Express: Account > Instacart Express > End membership > Continue to cancel > End.
  • To cancel an order already in progress or close your account, contact Instacart customer service.

This article details how to cancel an Instacart order, membership, or free trial.

An Instacart user cancels their Express membership using a laptop.
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How to Cancel an Instacart Order

Instacart allows you to cancel orders, receive a full refund, and pay no fees as long as a personal shopper hasn't yet started shopping for your order. The process is very easy, and you can do it yourself through the Instacart app or website without contacting customer service.

Canceling an Instacart Order Through the Website

If you're using Instacart on the web, you can cancel your order directly through the website using these steps:

  1. Navigate to, log in, and click Account.

    Instacart Account button
  2. Click Your Orders.

    Instacart Your Orders
  3. Locate the order you want to cancel and click view order detail.

    Instacart View order detail
  4. Click cancel order.

    Instacart Cancel Order
  5. Click cancel my order to confirm cancellation.

    Instacart Cancel my order button

Cancelling an Instacart Order With the App

You can also cancel your Instacart order using the app on your mobile device. The process is similar to using the website.

  1. Tap the Account icon.

  2. Tap Your Orders.

  3. Tap the order you want to cancel.

  4. On the order page, tap cancel order.

  5. Confirm the order cancellation.

Problems With Cancelling Instacart Orders

You can cancel an Instacart order even if the shopping or delivery process is already in progress, and you will still receive a full refund, but you may be charged a cancellation fee.

Additionally, you can't cancel an in-progress order yourself. If you want to cancel an order where the shopping or delivery process is already in progress, you will have to contact Instacart customer service to make the request.

If you don't see the cancel order option in the app or on the website, that means your order has probably been assigned to a shopper already. In that case, you will have to contact customer support to cancel the order.

How to Cancel Instacart Express

Instacart Express is a subscription service with a yearly membership fee that's designed for people who use the service a lot. It lowers the minimum order amount and removes delivery fees, so it can save you a significant amount of money if you order through Instacart on a regular basis.

If you find that you just aren't using Instacart as much as you expected, then you can cancel your Express membership at any time. Partial refunds are not available, so cancelling the service doesn't take effect until your next renewal date.

Use this same process to cancel your Instacart Express free trial within the first 14 days of use. On the 15th day, Instacart will convert your free trial to a normal paid membership and charge the billing method that you put on file during the signup process.

Here's how to cancel your Instacart Express membership:

  1. Navigate to Instacart, log in, and click Account.

    Instacart Express Account
  2. Click Instacart Express.

    Instacart Express in menu
  3. Click End Membership.

    Instacart Express End membership button
  4. Click Continue to Cancel.

    Instacart Express Continue to cancel

    If you think you might change your mind, you can click Set a Reminder to receive a reminder prior to your next billing date. Make sure to cancel when the reminder arrives, or you will be billed.

  5. Select your reason for leaving and add more details if you want, or just click End.

    Membership cancellation confirmation

If you signed up for Instacart within the past 15 days, and you haven't placed any orders, you can receive a refund. In all other cases, your cancelled membership will remain in effect, and you'll still be able to use it, until your billing date. Your membership will terminate at that time.

How to Close an Instacart Account

As long as you don't sign up for Instacart Express, there is no charge associated with keeping your account open. That means you can keep your account open just in case you need it in an emergency, and you won't ever pay anything unless you actually place an order.

If you have an Instacart Express account, and you cancel it using the method outlined above, you can keep your free account without paying any ongoing charge. That leaves the door open to order some groceries if you find yourself too busy to shop, or in circumstances where you are unable to leave the house.

If you really want to close your Instacart account for good, you have to contact Instacart via their help center, email, or toll-free customer support phone number to request the closure. There is no automated method to accomplish such a closure, so the only option is to contact customer support.

In order to fully delete your account, you will have to provide the name you used to create the account, the login email address, and the associated phone number.

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