How to Cancel Disney Plus on Roku

You can end your Disney+ subscription from your Roku or through your account settings on Roku's website

What to Know

  • From Roku: Locate Disney Plus app > press * on your remote > Manage subscription > Cancel subscription.
  • Web: Roku Subscriptions > Manage subscription > Turn off auto-renew > Confirm changes > Continue.
  • If you use Disney Plus on Roku, but you signed up from the app or website, go there to cancel instead.

This article explains how to cancel your Disney Plus subscription. How you cancel Disney Plus depends on how you signed up, and we'll cover all the ways you might need.

How to Cancel a Disney Plus Subscription on Roku

If you initially signed up and paid for Disney Plus from your Roku, follow these steps:

  1. Using the remote, highlight the Disney Plus app on your Roku, but don't select it.

    The Disney Plus app on Roku
  2. On the remote, press * to open the app menu.

    Roku remote asterisk button called out
  3. Select Manage subscription.

    Manage Subscription

    If you don't see this option, you didn't sign up for Disney+ from your Roku. See the last section below for help.

  4. Choose Cancel subscription.

    Cancel Subscription for Disney Plus on Roku

    If you want to stream Disney+ from another TV or device, you don't need to cancel your subscription or create a new account. You can log in to multiple devices with the same Disney+ account and even stream Disney+ from several devices simultaneously.

How to Cancel Disney Plus From Roku's Website

If you don't want to cancel Disney Plus from your TV, you can instead log in to your Roku account on a web browser to end the subscription there.

  1. Select Sign in at the top of the Roku website and log in to your account.

  2. Select the avatar/profile button at the top right, and select My account.

    The Menu button and 'My account' highlighted on Roku's site.
  3. Choose Manage your subscriptions from the Manage account section toward the bottom of the page.

    The 'Manage your subscriptions' item highlighted on Roku's site.
  4. Select Manage subscription next to Disney+.

    'Manage subscription' button highlighted on Roku's site.

    Don't see it? If Disney Plus isn't listed in your Roku account, then you must not have signed up from your Roku. See the bottom of this page for some direction.

  5. Select Turn off auto-renew from the list of options.

  6. Choose Confirm changes.

    The 'Turn off auto-renew' setting and 'Confirm changes' highlighted on Roku's website.
  7. Select Continue.

    The Continue button highlighted on the final screen of canceling Disney+ on Roku's site.

    You should get an email from Roku confirming the cancelation of your Disney Plus account.

Other Ways to Cancel Disney Plus

If you bought the subscription directly from Roku, following the above steps is how you need to end your subscription. If you try to cancel through the Disney Plus website, you'll be redirected to Roku's website (the second set of steps above).

However, if you signed up elsewhere, like from a computer or the mobile app, then the above steps won't work. You could stream Disney Plus from your Roku because you have an active subscription, but canceling that way isn't allowed.

See How to Cancel Disney Plus to learn how this works from the Disney Plus website or the iOS or Android device.

When you cancel Disney+, you'll still have access to it until the end of the current billing cycle. Your last day of access is mentioned in the cancelation email and on the Subscriptions page of your Roku account.

  • How do I change language on Disney Plus?

    While a show or movie is playing, either swipe or navigate up (depending on your remote) to reveal the Settings option above the progress bar. From there, you can choose the Audio tab or section to change the language.

  • What is on Disney Plus?

    Disney Plus includes programming from the Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic brands. You can watch almost everything from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, along with every Star Wars movie and TV series, including exclusives like The Mandalorian.

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