Can You Use YouTube on iOS 6?

The app might be gone, but you can still use YouTube on iOS 6

The YouTube icon on an iPhone

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Upgrading to a new version of the iOS is usually exciting because it delivers all kinds of cool new features. But when users upgraded their iPhones and other iOS devices to iOS 6, or when they got devices like the iPhone 5 that had iOS 6 preloaded, something disappeared.

The pre-loaded YouTube app, which had been on the home screen of iOS devices since the very first iPhone, was gone! Apple removed the old YouTube app in iOS 6 and the way that many people had watched YouTube videos on their iOS devices was totally gone.

The app might be gone, but you can still use YouTube on iOS 6. Here's what you need to know.

What Happened to the Old iPhone YouTube App?

The exact reason that the old YouTube app was removed from iOS 6 has never been revealed, but it's easy to come up with a good theory. Google owns YouTube. Apple and Google have clashed on many fronts of the smartphone market and Apple may not have wanted to give YouTube top treatment since Google owns it.

From Google's perspective, the change might not be so bad. The old iPhone YouTube app didn't include ads. Ads are the main way Google makes money, so the original iPhone version of the app may not have made as much money. As a result, it may have been a mutual decision to remove the old YouTube app as one of the preinstalled apps included with iOS 6.

Unlike the issues between Apple and Google that caused the new Maps app to lack Google Maps data and replace it with a questionable Apple stand-in, the YouTube change doesn't negatively affect users. Why? There's a new app you can download.

Wondering if you can still get the old YouTube iPhone app? You can't. You might be able to get it if you downgraded your device to iOS 5 or earlier. That's not really technically possible, though (and why would you want to do that, anyway?).

A New YouTube App

Just because the old app was removed doesn't mean that YouTube is blocked from iOS devices. Virtually as soon as Apple released iOS 6 without the old YouTube app, Google released its own free YouTube app. While YouTube may not be pre-installed on iOS 6, you can easily grab the app and get all the YouTube videos you want.

The New App Supports YouTube Premium

The new YouTube app offers all features you'd expect: watching videos, saving them to watch later, commenting, subscribing. It also supports YouTube Premium. This is a paid video service offered by YouTube that provides access to exclusive content from some of YouTube's biggest stars. If you already subscribe, you'll get access in the app. If you don't subscribe yet, Premium is available as an in-app purchase.

Using YouTube on the Web on iPhone

Besides the new YouTube app, there's another way that iPhone users can enjoy YouTube: on the web. That's right, the original way to watch YouTube still works on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch no matter what version of the iOS you're running. Just fire up your iOS device's web browser and go to ​ Once there, you can use the site just like you do on your computer.

Easy Uploading to YouTube from iPhone

The YouTube app isn't just for watching videos, either. In the latest versions, you can edit videos, add filters and music, and then upload your videos directly to YouTube from the app. If you have a video you'd like to upload, just tap the action box (the box with an arrow coming out of it) in a video-compatible app and select YouTube to upload your content.

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