Answered: Can You Use Apple Watch With an iPad?

Apple watch
Justin Sullivan / Staff/Getty Images

The Apple Watch is designed to go hand-in-hand with the iPhone.  There currently isn't an interface for using it with the iPad, and there may never be a way for the two to work together.  The Apple Watch also isn't designed to work completely by itself.  There are several features and uses that will work without an iPhone, but you'll need an iPhone to get the Apple Watch properly set up and running.  

However, there doesn't seem to be any reason why the iPad couldn't work with Apple Watch. Apple's new wearable device communicates through a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which means there wouldn't be any issue with the Apple Watch 'speaking' to the iPad. Many Apple Watch apps are actually run on the iPhone, with an interface being transmitted to the Apple Watch, which is one reason why it the watch is tied to the iPhone and not the iPad: you are simply more likely to have your iPhone with you when you aren't at home.   

What can the Apple Watch do without an iPhone?

Keeping in mind that you'll need an iPhone to help set it up, there are a number of things the Apple Watch can do without being connected to the iPhone.   The Watch can store about 2 GB of music that can be streamed to Bluetooth headphones or speakers.  It can also track your steps, measure heartbeat and give you calorie burn estimates for some activities.  

You can listen to music with your Apple Watch - no need for an iPhone. Apple Pay and Passport, also, are available without connecting to an iPhone.  

And you can also do some of the basics you would expect in any digital watch, such as set an alarm, count down a timer, get a world clock, use it as a stopwatch, etc.  Apple Watch can even connect to the Internet without the iPhone so long as you have connected to that particular Wi-Fi network before when you had both your iPhone and Apple Watch with you.   

Last, some third-party apps will work without the iPhone.  While some apps work by doing some of the heavy lifting on the iPhone, so they'll require you to have your phone with you, others run fully on the Apple Watch.

Will the Apple Watch ever work with the iPad?

There's no doubt Apple Watch is designed to be a companion to the iPhone. Both can easily be taken with you wherever you go, whether that be to the coffee shop or to the gym. On the other hand, the iPad isn't quite so portable.

However, it would make a lot of sense for Apple to ensure the Apple Watch works with the iPad. It could prove useful in many situations, especially as a remote control for the iPad. The ability to manipulate the slides of a presentation by tapping a watch instead of going to the iPad's screen could be useful in a business sense, while those who connect their iPad to their TV to watch Netflix might like an easy way to pause or rewind their show without getting off the couch.

For now, Apple may be going with an iPhone-only approach to avoid the confusion of having two different devices trying to control the Apple Watch.

What is the difference between the various Apple Watch models?

The original Apple Watch was splash proof, but not swim-proof.  The biggest difference between it and newer watches is a slower processor, but it can still run the same apps.

Apple replaces the original Apple Watch with two models: the Series 1 and the Series 2.  The Series 1 is essentially the original watch with a faster processor.  The Series 2 adds both a GPS chip for tracking your location and is swim proof.  This is great for those who exercise in the pool and want to use the Apple Watch for fitness.