Can You Move Your House in Animal Crossing?

Yes, once you unlock the feature, you can move buildings in the game

You can move buildings, including your house, in Animal Crossing once you unlock the feature,

If you change your mind about where you want your house to be since you first dropped your tent, you can take care of that with a quick visit to Tom Nook at Resident Services.

How to Move Your House in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Whether your house's current location isn't convenient anymore or you'd rather live on top of a hill, it just takes a brief conversation and some Bells to move. Here's what to do.

This feature unlocks after Resident Services has upgraded from a tent to a building.

  1. Go into your Resident Services building.

    Resident Services is open 24 hours a day.

  2. Sit in the chair on the left to get Tom Nook's attention.

    Meeting with Tom Nook in Resident Services
  3. Select About my home.

    The "About my home" option
  4. Choose I want to relocate.

    The "I want to relocate" option
  5. Tom will charge you a fee of 30,000 Bells to move your house. Choose I'm ready to move to confirm.

    Unlike your earlier mortgage payments, you have to pay the entire moving fee at once.

    The "I'm ready to move" option
  6. Nook will place a moving kit into your pockets. If your pockets are full when he tries to do so, you'll have to come back later.

  7. Leave Resident Services and go to the spot you want to move your house to.

  8. Press X to open your pockets, and select the moving kit.

  9. Choose Build here from the menu that opens.

  10. To correctly place your house, you need an open space five squares wide by four squares deep.

What Happens to Your House While You Move?

Once you pick a spot for your house, it will appear in its new location at 5:00 the next morning. Meanwhile, however, your home will stay in its original location. You'll still be able to go inside and redecorate, grab items from storage, and change your clothes.

Other Relocation Options

Your house isn't the only relocation you can do in New Horizons. Other than Resident Services, you can find new sites for every building on the island. It is a little more expensive to move the museum, stores, or neighbors' homes. However, Tom Nook will charge you 50,000 Bells for this service.

To access it, choose Let's talk infrastructure, and then I want layout changes when you talk to Nook, and he'll give you a list of buildings to choose from. From there, the relocation process is the same as it is for your house.

Relocation options in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
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