Can You Get Siri for Android or Windows Phone?

can you get siri for android?
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Being able to control our computers, gadgets, and phones just by speaking to them is the next frontier in technology. We can get a glimpse of that future today by using Siri, Apple's voice-activated digital assistant.

Siri is powerful: you can use it to get information from the web, launch apps, play music, get directions, and much more from any iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Siri is also fun: it has a dry sense of humor and knows how to joke around.

As with any cool technology like this, people who don't have iPhones and may wonder whether they can get Siri for other smartphone platforms like Android, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry.

The short answer is: no, there's no Siri for Android or other smartphone platforms—and there probably never will be. To learn more about why the answer is no and why I make that prediction, read on.

Why Siri Is iOS Only

I don't expect we'll ever see Siri on any mobile operating system other than the iOS because Siri is a major competitive differentiator for Apple. If you want all the cool things Siri does, you have to buy an iPhone or another iOS device. Apple makes its money on hardware sales, so allowing such a compelling feature on its competitor's hardware would hurt its bottom line. And that's not something Apple—or any smart business—does intentionally.

Beware: There Are Tons of Fake Siri Apps

But wait, you may be saying, there are some apps in the Google Play store and the Windows Phone app store with Siri in their names.

Aren't those Siri?

Nope, they're not. Those are apps with voice features that are comparing themselves to Siri (for a short time, one even claimed to be the official Siri for Android) to piggyback on its popularity and to entice Android and Windows Phone users looking for Siri-type features. No matter what they say, they're definitely not Siri.

Unlike Android or Windows Phone, I didn't see any apps in BlackBerry App World (its app store) claiming to be Siri. There are, of course, some voice-activated apps for the BlackBerry, but none of them are as sophisticated or powerful as, or claim to be, Siri.

Alternatives to Siri on Other Smartphones

Even though none of the other major smartphone platforms support Siri, they each have their own built-in, voice-activated intelligent assistants:

  • Android: Google Now. Unlike Siri, which basically does what you ask it, Google Now tries to learn your habits and adapt to them. For instance, once Google Now gets to know your commuting patterns, it can provide traffic details or subway schedules before you leave the house. Pretty handy.
  • Windows Phone: Cortana. Cortana is very similar to Siri. You can use it to get information, set reminders, dictate and send texts, and so on.
  • BlackBerry: BlackBerry Assistant. You won't find anything here that you can't get from Siri or Cortana. The main benefit here is that those assistants don't run on BlackBerry and Assistant does.

Alternatives to Siri on iPhone

Siri was the first of these assistants to hit the market, so in some ways, it hasn't been able to take advantage of technological advances that are available to its competitors.

Because of that, some people say the others—especially Google Now and Cortana—are superior to Siri.

Owners of iPhones are in luck, though: both Google Now and Cortana are available for iPhone. 

You can get Google Now as part of the Google Search app (download at the App Store), while Cortana (download Cortana at the App Store) is a standalone option. Download them and compare the smart assistants for yourself.

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