Can You FaceTime on Apple Watch?

Yes, but you'll only get audio, not video

You can use FaceTime Audio to place calls on an Apple Watch using Wi-Fi or a cellular data connection. However, you won't get video. So while you can chat with friends, you can't see them.

FaceTime Audio option on Apple Watch
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Use FaceTime on Apple Watch With Siri

Using Siri, Apple’s digital assistant, is probably the fastest way to let you FaceTime on Apple Watch. 

  1. Activate Siri with the Digital Crown, raising your wrist, or saying “Hey Siri”.

  2. Say “FaceTime [Contact Name].” 

  3. Your Apple Watch will place the call using FaceTime protocols, which means you don’t need to be on a cell network to talk to your friends. 

    Hey Siri, FaceTime, FaceTime Audio

Make Apple Watch FaceTime Calls With Phone App

You can also use the Phone app to initiate a FaceTime call on your Apple Watch.

  1. Tap the Phone app icon on your Apple Watch.

  2. Select Contacts.

  3. Choose the person you want to FaceTime call with.

    Phone icon, Contacts button, Contact on Apple Watch
  4. Select the white Phone icon > FaceTime Audio.

    White Phone icon, FaceTime Audio button

That’s it! your Apple Watch will use Wi-Fi or your network to place a FaceTime call.

Use Apple Watch FaceTime via Walkie Talkie App

Apple Watch also uses FaceTime protocols to send audio messages via the Walkie Talkie app. This app launched with WatchOS 5 and basically works just like those old-school walkie talkies we all loved playing with as kids (or using as adults when camping). It’s pretty easy to use, as well.

  1. First, launch the Walkie Talkie app from your Apple Watch home screen. 

  2. Tap a friend you’ve added to the Walkie Talkie App, or select Add Friends (Plus) to add someone from your contacts. 

  3. Your Apple Watch will then check their availability to be contacted, then offer you a big yellow Touch & Hold to Talk icon. 

    Walkie Talkie icon, Add Friends, Touch & Hold to Talk buttons on Apple Watch
  4. Tap and hold the Touch & Hold to Talk icon and speak your message. Let go when you are finished. 

  5. Your friend can then tap and hold their own icon to send you their message. All of this happens via FaceTime, so you’ll just need a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. 

Does Apple Watch Have a Camera?

All this FaceTime audio works on the Apple Watch fairly well, but what about video? As of now, the Apple Watch does not have a camera built in.

That may change in the future if a patent for an Apple Watch camera comes to fruition. While not all patents see the light of day, it’s possible that, one day, you’ll use your Apple Watch to take a selfie—no iPhone required. 

Using Wi-Fi for FaceTime can be handy when you’re not within range of a cellular network. FaceTime tends to have clearer audio signals, making it convenient even if you are on a cellular network.

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