Can the iPad Multitask?

Does iOS Support Multitasking?

Question: Can the iPad Multitask?

The iPad features three forms of multitasking: background processing, task switching, and extensibility.   These combine to form a powerful set of features, but the iPad doesn't support displaying two apps side-by-side.

The ability to perform background tasks was increased in the iOS 4.0 update.  This limited form of multitasking allows certain processes within apps to continue running while they are in the background.

 For example, Pandora Radio will continue to play even if you launch another app in its place.  This feature has been expanded on with ideas such as background app refreshing, which allows Facebook to update periodically throughout the day even if you don't launch the app.

Fast task switching is another feature that helps people who want to jump from app to app.  Fast task switching keeps relevant parts of the most recent apps in memory, allowing you to switch back and forth between a few apps seamlessly.  The iPad even supports special multitasking gestures to get the most out of this feature.  

Extensibility was added in the iOS 8.0 update and may be the most powerful form of multitasking.  In essence, extensibility allows a portion of an app to run within another app.  For example, you could load the filters from one photo app into the main Photos app to apply certain effects to a photo.

 This allows you to use an app's features without actually launching the app.  Read more about Extensibility and how it can be put to use.

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