Can I Get iChat for Windows?

There's no iChat or Mac Messages for Windows, but there are alternatives

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Mac OS X has included an instant messaging and chat application for years. The name of the app has changed as it has evolved, known as iChat, then iMessage and simply Messages. Messages is able to integrate with a user's mobile phone SMS messaging system so text messages can be synced and viewed across Apple devices, such as iPhones, iPads, iPods and Mac PCs. 

Unfortunately, there is no Messages app for the Windows operating system.

There are many other IM clients available that are similar to a Mac IM. iChat, iMessage and Messages users looking for an alternative for their Windows computers may want to consider trying one of the following IM clients for Windows.

IM Client Alternatives for Windows

AIM offers an IM experience for Windows that some users may feel is similar to Mac. It contains many similar features as Mac users got with iChat. AIM does not, however, offer the same SMS integration with their mobile service that Messages offers.

If you are looking for an alternative that offers access to multiple IM services, the following ​multi-protocol IMs are your best IM client options for Windows:

  • Trillian: Trillian has a fun and easy design with good customization features. Trillian is worth trying out first when looking for an IM client for Windows that is similar to the Mac iChat experience.
  • Digsby: Extremely versatile and fun to use, Digsby also offers users the ability to check email, update your Twitter account and even access RSS feeds.
  • Pidgin IM: One of the oldest multi-protocol IMs is also one of the most fun. Pidgin (formerly GAIM) offers a light, clean IM experience with access to major market instant messaging services.
  • Miranda IM: Another light and simple IM, ​Miranda IM is barebones but allows users to chat with many friends across IM networks without taking up loads of hard drive space.