Can I Get iChat for Windows?

There's no iChat or Mac Messages for Windows, but there are alternatives


Apple replaced the iChat app with a new app—iMessage, which was eventually renamed Messages—in 2012. It is no longer possible to get iChat for either the macOS or Windows computers. However, there are chat alternatives that work similarly on Windows computers.

Instant Message Alternatives for Windows

AIM offers an IM experience for Windows that some users feel is similar to Mac's iChat. It contains many of the same features that Mac users had with iChat. AIM does not, however, offer the same SMS integration with its mobile service that Messages offers.

Discord is iChat for gamers. This text and voice chat client is less formal that other chat apps. 

Slack is a hot pick right now. It is a clean and stylish interface and has Slackbot for verbal control. The software is impressive and popular. Add Slack messaging to a free Slack workspace to communicate with co-workers.

Multiprotocol Chat Apps

If you are looking for an alternative that offers access to multiple IM services, the following  multiprotocol IMs are your best IM client options for Windows:

  • Trillian: Trillian has a fun and easy design with good customization features. Trillian is worth trying out when you are looking for an IM client for Windows that is similar to the Mac iChat experience.
  • Pidgin IM: One of the oldest multiprotocol IMs is also one of the most fun. Pidgin (formerly GAIM) offers a light, clean IM experience with access to major market instant messaging services.
  • Miranda IM: Another light and simple IM, Miranda IM is bare bones but allows users to chat with many friends across IM networks without taking up loads of hard drive space.