Can I Back Up All My Devices Using One Backup Plan?

Is It Possible to Back Up Multiple Devices with a Single Online Backup Plan?

If you only have one online backup plan but want to back up several computers and other devices, do you have to buy a separate plan for each one? Can you back up everything with the one online backup account?

The following question is one of many you'll find in my Online Backup FAQ:

"Can I use a single online backup plan to backup multiple devices? I have a phone, a desktop, and a tablet that I'd love to keep backed up all the time but I don't want to pay for three different plans!"

Yes, some online backup services offer plans that support simultaneous backup from multiple devices. In fact, the majority of backup services with these types of plans support an unlimited number of computers/devices. Some others support up to ten, five, or three.

With multi-device plans, you pay for just one account but each device has its own unique area in the shared backup space where its files are backed up.

Multi-device plans are almost always the most cost effective way to go if you have more than one computer or device you need to keep data backed up from.

See my Price Comparison: Multi-Computer Online Backup Plans if you're interested in a plan like this.

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