DVD Recorder Connection Options (Antenna, Cable, Etc)

Question: Can DVD recorders connect to an Antenna, Cable, or Satellite Box?

Answer: Any antenna, cable, or satellite box with RF, AV, or S-video outputs can be connected to a DVD recorder, but "tunerless" DVD recorders cannot accept an RF antenna connection. However, DVD recorders do not accept progressive scan or HDTV input interfaces (although almost all DVD recorders can output progressive scan on DVD playback). So, if you have an HD satellite box, you will have to use the satellite box's alternate RF, AV, or S-video outputs to connect to the DVD recorder's inputs.

One more point to add is that while DVD recorders can be connected to cable and satellite boxes, not all DVD recorders have cable or satellite box control. This means that on more entry-level DVD recorders, when you set the timer on the DVD recorder to record a cable or satellite program, you may also need to leave your cable or satellite box tuned to the correct channel ahead of time or set the cable or satellite box's own timer to go to the correct channel to be recorded to match the time you have set on your DVD recorder.

To find out if a DVD recorder has satellite or cable box control, look for features such as a supplied IR Blaster (this feature is common in many VCRs), which allows the DVD recorder to change the channels and on/off functions of a cable/satellite box, much like a standard remote control, except that it is done on a schedule that you have programmed ahead of time.