Can DVD Recorders Record Audio-Only DVDs?

Insert DVD into DVD Player

Robert Silva

Most DVD recorders typically cannot record audio-only onto a DVD, a video signal must be present for stability purposes — however, you can try it and see if it works on your DVD recorder as this feature is usually not mentioned in DVD recorder user manuals. On the other hand, you can record video without audio.

Based on this, one option you have is to record a non-important video-only source as well as your intended audio source. Just plug in any video source to the video input (not the antenna or cable input) and the audio from your the stereo audio inputs from your tape deck or CD player that are associated with the same video input, and you should be OK. Since you aren't concerned about video quality on this, you can record up to six hours of audio on your DVD using the lowest record-setting (some DVD recorders now have an 8-hour mode as well).

When you play the DVD back, you don't have to watch the video part Just remember that you can only play a DVD on a DVD or Blu-ray Disc player — your recording will not play on a CD player. The audio recorded on a DVD is encoded into the 2-channel Dolby Digital audio format.