Cameo Now Lets You Hop on a Facetime With Your Favorite Celeb

10 minutes of awkward conversation?

Cameo has made a name for itself by offering users pre-recorded videos from an array of celebrities and influencers, but they are moving past the whole “pre-recorded” part. 

That’s right: the company has introduced a live-calling feature that allows fans to purchase a ten-minute video chat with their favorite celebrity. The feature, called Cameo Live, is available as a one-on-one experience or as a shared group chat experience with up to ten people. 

Cameo Live


Like traditional Cameo bookings, you can also gift these live chats to friends and loved ones if you want to add a bit of Hollywood magic to a birthday or anniversary. The platform also lets you and the celeb-in-question work together to arrange the best time for the call, choosing from a number of scheduling options.

Cameo says “thousands of celebs” have signed up for the service and that looks to be true. A quick perusal of the newly-launched splash page finds options for WWE superstar Mick Foley, cannabis-enthusiast Tommy Chong, NFL great Brett Favre, and, of course, Mark McGrath (the guy from Sugar Ray.) 

“The new live experience is perfect for small groups of fans, family members, and friends looking to share longer, more intimate conversations with the heroes they love,” said co-founder and CPO Devon Townsend.

Prices range from a budget-friendly $90 all the way up to $1,000 or more, though many celebrities are offering a 25 percent discount for the summer. 

This new on-demand video chat service is rolling out just a couple of months after the company laid off a quarter of its staff

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