Camcorder Buying Guide

Finding the right camcorder for you can be a difficult task. This camcorder buying guide is designed to help you through the camcorder buying process and help you determine the best camcorder for your needs.

Understand What Camcorder Options Are out There

There are literally thousands of different camcorders on the market today. Before you can decide what camcorder you want to buy you need to first understand what camcorder options are available.

Do you want an analog camcorder or a digital one? An analog VHS-C camcorder can give you the flexibility of playing your tape back in your VCR. A digital camcorder can give you the same ability, but with a higher resolution and the option to edit your video on your computer.

Understand Camcorder Vocabulary

Camcorders have a language of their own. Some important points to make sure you understand before you go camcorder shopping are optical vs. digital zoom and how CCDs affect video quality.

Read Camcorder Reviews

Check out Camcorder Recommendations for some of the best camcorders on the market. If you think you might want to take photographs with your camcorder as well as shoot video, then you should read about taking digital photographs with your camcorder.

Go Camcorder Shopping

Check out the prices of camcorders at several different stores before you make a purchase.

Not everything you need to operate your camcorder is going to come included in the box. Do some research on the accessories you should purchase along with your camcorder.

Share Your Video

One of the best parts of shooting a video with your camcorder is sharing it with others. After you shoot a video consider posting it in a video blog.

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