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Apps That Control Your Talk Time

Time Your Call
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Phone calls cost you a fair amount of time and money. You can avail of VoIP apps to save money on calls and even make calls for free, but you still want to control the paid ones. You want to know how many minutes you talked during a certain period of time, and you also want to know when to hang up before the next minute starts counting again. You can use a call timer app on your smartphone to help you manage your calls.

They are available for Android, iOS, and other platforms, they are numerous so you can make your choice, and most of them are free. 

What can call timers do? Here are some of the main features these helpful apps have to help you control your calls rather than having the operators control you. 

1. Accurate Statistics 

Call timers provide accurate statistics of the different calls you made and received, of the correspondents, of the duration, and of the associated cost in terms of data and airtime. You can use these figures to make sense of and validate your monthly bill or expenditure on mobile communication. The statistics can also be intelligent to some extent. For instance, a call timer can analyze phone numbers and categorize them into countries, areas, and type of service. 

2. Periodic Notifications 

Some services bill you per minute. This means that if for example, you make a call that lasts 3 minutes and 2 seconds, you will be billed for 4 complete minutes.

In this case, it is wise to end calls just before the minute mark. Call timers notify you through alarms and other types of notifications every interval you set. Notifications of this kind are done some seconds before the minutes end so you can hang up well before the 59 becomes 00 and so you can be on the safe side.

The app can also automatically hang up some seconds prior to the set time limit. 

3. Automatic Hanging Up 

Call Timers hang up calls after pre-configured times. They can, therefore, be used to limit call durations and limit them for specific numbers. 

4. Monitor Your Data Usage

With VoIP calls and other apps consuming data, you want to keep track of and also control your data consumption so as not to fall out of your weekly or monthly data plan limit. Call timers provide statistics of how your data is used, with details on the amount used for which app. You also get notifications about percentages and thresholds you place for your data usage over a specified period of time. 

5. Call Blocking and Number Filtering 

Most smartphones already have a native app or feature that keep a blacklist of numbers from which calls will be blocked.  Call timers offer call blocking with even more features and more possibilities. But you can use the filtering of numbers not just to block calls but to treat calls differently. For example, if you have time restrictions on calls so as to cut down cost, you will want to exclude from these restrictions numbers to which calls are free, such as toll-free numbers and VoIP calling.


You can also configure the apps such that they apply call blocking and filtering only certain moments of a day or certain days of the week. The interval for automatic hanging up can also vary from number to number. Some call timers also allow you to set different notification sounds and ringtones for different contacts. 

You can couple the use of call timers with some good practices in order to manage your phone calls

Where you find call timers? Search for call timers on Google Play or Apple App Store and, of the many resulting candidates, choose the best according to ratings and reviews and to what you need.