Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Cheat Codes

Here's Cheats and Codes for the PC Edition of the Game

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood is an FPS-western with some serious attitude. Developed by Techland in 2009, the game was released for Windows, PS3 and the Xbox 360, and is the prequel to Call of Juarez, which was released just six months later. The game takes place between 1864 and 1866 and follows two brothers on a journey through North America during the time of the American Civil War.


Cheat Codes

Cheats for this game are entered in the Exclusive Content menu found within the game's menu system.

Money and Weapons Code

The cheat code: 735S653J or 585A926D

Use the code as early as you can as the code only gives about $400 and unlocks a weapon that you will acquire early in the game (the best version of the Ranger). It also makes weapons Silver in multiplayer mode. It does not change the effectiveness of the weapon (just gives a silver sheen to them). With the exception of the silver multiplayer weapons, the code is designed to help you in the first two levels of the game.

Note: These codes do the same thing. If one does not work use the other one. A message will confirm correct code entry.

Multiplayer Cash and Bonus Characters

In addition, when selecting a multiplayer game go to Unlock Characters to obtain an additional $40,000 (for multiplayer mode). The cash can then be used to purchase the newly unlocked characters.

The following is a break-down of the characters that can be purchased (courtesy of Danielle V.)

  • Scout (purchase price: $10,000) - "Faster, but less powerful type of sniper".
  • Trapper (purchase price: $15,000) - "Good for defensive play, tough but slow, with decent range and impressive damage".
  • Gunsmith (purchase price: $20,000) - "Versatile, but difficult to handle, since he wields a completely different pistol in each hand".
  • Hombre (purchase price: $40,000) -  "The best selection for close quarters combat and rushing into enemies; powerful, tough and fast".

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