Call of Duty: World at War Cheats and Secrets for PS3

Unlock Zombie mode and more cheats for the PlayStation 3 version

Call of Duty: World at War is the fifth game in the Call of Duty series. In the PlayStation 3 version, cheats and secrets are unlocked by improving your rank, finding special Death Cards, and beating the main campaign.

These cheats apply specifically to the PS3 version. There are separate cheats for Call of Duty: World at War on Wii and the PC edition.

Soldiers hold a hostage at gunpoint in Call of Duty: World at War

How to Unlock Extra Modes in Call of Duty: World at War

There are two secret modes that can be unlocked in Call of Duty: World at War

  • Veteran mode introduces tougher enemies into co-op games. Reach level 32 in multiplayer to unlock Veteran mode.
  • Zombie mode is a mini-game that you can play after beating the main campaign on any difficulty. Wait until the end credits finish rolling to begin the game.

COD: World at War Weapon Upgrades

Unlock weapon upgrades by scoring kills with your weapon of choice.

Upgrade How to Unlock
Aperture Sight for Gewehr 43 75 kills
Aperture Sight for M1A1 Carbine 75 kills
Aperture Sight for MP40 75 kills
Aperture Sight for PPSh-41 25 kills
Aperture Sight for STG-44 75 kills
Aperture Sight for SVT-40 75 kills
Aperture Sight for Thompson 75 kills
Aperture Sight for Type 100 25 kills
Bayonet for Arisaka 75 kills
Bayonet for Kar98K 75 kills
Bayonet for M1 Garand 75 kills
Bayonet for M1897 Trench Gun 75 kills
Bayonet for M1A1 Carbine 100 kills
Bayonet for Mosin-Nagant 75 kills
Bayonet for Springfield 25 kills
Bayonet for Type 99 75 kills
Bipod for BAR 25 kills
Bipod for Browning M1919 25 kills
Bipod for DP-28 25 kills
Bipod for FG42 25 kills
Bipod for MG42 25 kills
Bipod for Type 99 25 kills
Box Magazine for M1A1 Carbine 150 kills
Dual Magazines for MP40 150 kills
Extended Clip for Type 100 25 kills
Flash Hider for M1 Garand 25 kills
Flash Hider for M1A1 Carbine 25 kills
Flash Hider for STG-44 25 kills
Flash Hider for SVT-40 25 kills
Grip for Double Barreled Shotgun 25 kills
Grip for M1897 Trench Gun 25 kills
Rifle Grenade for Arisaka 150 kills
Rifle Grenade for Gewehr 43 150 kills
Rifle Grenade for Kar98K 150 kills
Rifle Grenade for M1 Garand 100 kills
Rifle Grenade for Mosin-Nagant 150 kills
Rifle Grenade for Springfield 75 kills
Round Drum for PPSh-41 75 kills
Round Drum for Thompson 150 kills
Sawed-Off Shotgun 75 kills
Sniper Scope for Arisaka 25 kills
Sniper Scope for Kar98K 25 kills
Sniper Scope for M1 Garand 150 kills
Sniper Scope for Mosin-Nagant 25 kills
Suppressor for Gewehr 43 25 kills
Suppressor for MP40 25 kills
Suppressor for Thompson 25 kills
Suppressor for Type 100 25 kills
Telescopic Sight for FG42 75 kills
Telescopic Sight for STG-44 100 kills
Telescopic Sight for SVT-40 150 kills
Telesopic Sight for Gewehr 43 100 kills

Call of Duty: World at War Multiplayer Rewards

Raise your rank in multiplayer mode to unlock weapons and other rewards.

Rank Rewards
Level 2 Trench Gun (shotgun), Walther
Level 3 1911 Colt, Springfield (sniper)
Level 4 Arisaka, BAR
Level 6 Gewehr 47
Level 10 Molotov Cocktail, MP40
Level 11 Clan Tag
Level 13 DP-28
Level 17 M1 Garand
Level 21 Mosin-Nagant
Level 25 Type 100
Level 29 Double Barreled Shotgun
Level 33 MG42
Level 37 STG-44
Level 41 Kar98k
Level 45 FG42
Level 49 .357 Magnum
Level 53 PPSh-41
Level 57 PTRS-41
Level 61 Browning M1919
Level 65 M1A1 Carbine
Prestige Level 1 Custom Class Slot 6
Prestige Level 2 Custom Class Slot 7
Prestige Level 4 Custom Class Slot 8
Prestige Level 7 Custom Class Slot 9
Prestige Level 10 Custom Class Slot 10

Call of Duty: World at War Codes

There are cheat codes in COD: World at War, but all they do is change the color of your clan tag. Go to your barracks and enter the following codes.

Code Tag Color
Rnbw Rainbow
Blue Blue
Cyan Cyan
Grnclan Green
Redclan Red
Yelw Yellow

How to Find Death Cards

Secret Death Cards can be found in certain levels. They are used to activate cheats in co-op mode. Look for Death Cards on helmets propped up by rifles stuck in the ground (like makeshift graves).

How to Manage Weapons

You can only carry two guns at once, so if you try to pick up another weapon while your hands are full, you'll lose one of the guns you're currently holding. Be careful not to throw away powerful weapons like the Flamethrower by accidentally picking up a weaker item.

How to Counter Banzai Attacks

Sometimes when an enemy charges at you, you'll see a button prompt flash on the screen. If you press the button fast enough, you will perform a counterattack.

How to Cook Grenades

"Cooking" your grenades prevents enemies from tossing them back at you. Hold down the grenade button for a few seconds before throwing, but don't hold on for too long or else it'll explode in your face.

How to Find the Ray Guns

In the mission "Little Resistance," look for four holes in the ground when you get to the mainland. Stand in each hole from right to left. Four statues will rise from the ground each holding a ray gun for you to take.

Listen to Your Commanders

Commanders give you hints as you play. Keep the volume up on your TV and pay attention when they tell you to cover fire, throw a smoke grenade, or take other actions.

Zombie Mode (Natch der Untoten)

Natch der Untoten, better known as Zombie mode, is the name of the mini-game you unlock by beating the main game. The title means "Night of the Undead" in German. You can play alone or with friends in co-op and competitive modes. You can join other players in Zombie mode by invite even if you haven't unlocked it on your save file.

Natch der Untoten is a tower defense game where you have to defend your cabin from hordes of zombies. With each round, the enemies become faster and more aggressive. When you earn 1000 points, go to the door that says HELP to receive a new weapon.

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