Create a Calendar Event From an Email in Mac OS X Mail

Man at computer using Mac Calendar

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OS X Mail makes it easy to add events found in emails to your calendar.

"Add an Event" Location: Mail, Time: Now

Sailing next week and a one-on-one Thursday morning (instead of in the afternoon); aunt Maggie arrives at 09:32 at the train station while the big league game starts at 7 pm at the stadium; lectures begin in September (every Wednesday from 9–11), and Joshi suggests chess and tea and scones around 5 pm today (his place).

Email is a good way to schedule events, a great way to learn about them, and just about fantastic a way to enter them into your calendar — right from OS X Mail.

If Mail recognizes dates and times in emails (more often than not, it will), creating new Calendar items is fast and easy.

Create a Calendar Event from an Email Fast in Mac OS X Mail

To add an event mentioned in an email to your Calendar fast from inside an email in OS X Mail:

  1. Do one of the following:
    1. Click add… in the bar that appears on top of the email body.
    2. Move over the date or time given for the event in the email message.
      1. Mac OS X Mail will draw a dashed outline around any date and time it recognizes and can use.
  2. Click the down arrow appearing in the dashed outline around the time or date.
  3. Optionally, change the event's name from the email subject.
  4. Add a location as you see fit under Location.
  5. Pick the desired calendar to the right of the new event's date.
  6. To change the event time and duration, add a reminder, note or repetition:
    1. Click Details if available.
    2. Change the event's start and end times under from and to.
    3. Make the event occur periodically under repeat.
    4. Add a notification under alert.
    5. Append a note under note.
  7. Click Add to Calendar.

Mac OS X Mail will add a link back to the email message to the Calendar entry under URL automatically.

As an alternative, Mail2iCal can turn emails into calendar items as well.