How to Bypass Android Lock Screen Using Emergency Call

Make emergency calls, and add medical info and contacts

You can dial emergency services on an Android phone without first unlocking it. This feature enables you to quickly contact emergency services if you forget your unlock code or pattern or if you're too panicked to input it correctly.

Also, what if you need emergency responders to view your medical information or your emergency contacts? We'll show you how to add that vital information for emergency personnel to access even when your phone is locked.

Bypass the Lock Screen to Call Emergency Services

Here's how to call emergency services if you can't unlock your phone:

  1. Tap Emergency call at the bottom of the lock screen.

  2. Tap your local emergency number (for example, 911) on the phone dialer that appears.

    Emergency call button and keypad

    An unauthorized user could make an emergency call using this method, but they can't access your personal information.

Add Emergency Information to the Lock Screen

To add emergency contacts and health information (such as allergies and other medical conditions) to the lock screen:

  1. Go to Settings > Users & accounts.

  2. Tap Emergency information.

  3. Enter your Medical information and Emergency contacts.

    Users & Accounts > Emergency info

Emergency responders can see this information, render appropriate care if needed, and call your contacts without unlocking your device.

Can Someone Break Into Your Phone Using Emergency Call?

You might have seen articles promising to show how to break into an Android phone by going to the emergency dialer and inputting a string of characters or long-pressing a button. This might have had some success years back; however, Android 6.0 Marshmallow put an end to that. Since then, there's no way to unlock an Android phone without a password.

If your Android has Lollipop or earlier, download a third-party lock screen app that doesn't include an emergency option.

Protect Your Android With Google Find My Device

You can also protect your Android device using Google's Find My Device, which allows you to remotely lock your phone, sign out of your Google account, and perform a factory reset.

When you sign in to your Google account on an Android phone, Find My Device is automatically enabled. To verify that the feature is on, go to Settings > Lock screen & security > Find My Device.

Find my device

If you lose your phone, go to

Unlock Your Android Phone Without a Password

You can use the Android fingerprint unlock feature, but you'll have to enter your password, pattern, or pin code after a restart.

The only other way to bypass the lock screen on most Androids is to reset the device to factory settings.

Samsung Find My Mobile

You can also use Samsung Find My Mobile to lock and unlock your phone remotely. You'll need a Samsung account with remote controls enabled

  1. Tap Settings.

  2. Select Biometrics and security.

  3. Check that the toggle for Find My Mobile is in the On position.

    Tap Find My Mobile to set the options as you prefer: Remote Unlock, Send last location, and Offline finding.

    Samsung Biometrics and security options

Samsung also offers the option to create a backup password, pattern, or PIN during setup. Consider adding one, and save the information in a safe place.

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