Top 7 Apps for Buying Luxury Items from Your Mobile Device

These extravagant apps will make you feel like royalty (If you can afford it!)

Online shopping has slowly but surely been making its way from the traditional web to our mobile devices. With only a few taps on your smartphone or tablet screen, you can purchase almost anything you want or need -- from cheap household items and quirky little knickknacks to high-end electronics and designer fashion items.

As the mobile shopping trend continues to grow and flourish, even the most unexpected luxury retailers and service providers are seeing it as a big opportunity to grab consumers' attention and cash in on more sales. I'm talking about the ritziest, most glamorous stuff around that a person can buy for thousands of dollars.

Need proof to believe it? Check out some of the most impressive and expensive things you can buy from the apps listed below. 

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Your own private jet from the JetSmarter app

Private Jet
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What We Like
  • Occasionally runs insane promotions.

  • Lets you avoid the many hassles of the airport.

What We Don't Like
  • Constantly changing its prices and membership plans.

  • Limited service to low population destinations.

Need to book a private jet to be ready to fly you across the country or over the Atlantic in as little as three hours? No problem, JetSmarter has you covered. Simply use the app to hail a jet, design your travel route and even make your payment, all with the convenient help of the in-app concierge and customer support from Certified Aviation Experts. Be prepared to pay a hefty price for your flight, though -- a trip from New York to Paris in a heavy jet will cost you a cool $175,000.

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Designer fashion items from the Neiman Marcus app

Designer Handbags
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What We Like
  • You can upload photos of garments you like to see similar offerings.

  • Flip to Find feature lets you swipe through the catalog dating app style.

What We Don't Like
  • Occasional glitches can cause you to miss out on big sales.

  • Unreliable customer support for the app.

Forget visiting stores and boutiques in person every time you want to check out the latest must-haves in designer fashion. With the Neiman Marcus app, you can see all the newest arrivals in handbags, check your points balance, find out about events, connect with a nearby store and securely make a payment. You can even use the camera feature to snap a photo of a shoe or handbag you love to see if it's in stock.

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Luxury vacation rentals from the Luxury Retreats app

Luxury Vacation Rentals
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What We Like
  • Stellar customer service.

  • Detailed descriptions of properties and packages.

What We Don't Like
  • Some amenities listed as "complimentary" are not free.

  • Location filters are sometimes buggy.

For those who aren't cheap travelers and would rather go all out on planning their perfect vacation getaway, the Luxury Retreats app can help you get it all done. All vacation rentals are handpicked, and unlike many other travel booking apps and services that feature thousands to choose from, only the best, most luxurious places are included. The top villas will easily cost you a few thousand dollars per night, and you can complete all booking through the app.

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Beluga sturgeon caviar from the Caviar app

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What We Like
  • Option to schedule delivery or pick up 24 hours in advance.

  • Includes extensive information about local fine dining.

What We Don't Like
  • Customer service gets mixed reviews.

  • Not available in all areas.

Caviar is the name of a food delivery service that can bring you almost anything you want from your favorite local restaurants, including on the most expensive delicacies you can get -- actual caviar, of course! If you're in Manhattan, you can use the app to have a 17.6-ounce tin of beluga sturgeon caviar delivered to you for $3,449. And if you'd rather skip the raw fish eggs, you can enjoy the apps colorful menu photos and restaurant choices to choose a different type of cuisine.

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Helicopter flights to your house in the Hamptons with the Blade app

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What We Like
  • Reasonable prices on helicopter rides to New York area airports.

  • Excellent in-flight service.

What We Don't Like
  • Limited service range.

  • The Android app is buggy.

Imagine just tapping your smartphone screen three times to be seated on a helicopter and off to the Hamptons just 10 minutes later. With the Blade app, it's possible. Forget about dealing with charter companies, just search and pick a flight on the app. You can even crowdsource a flight if you need to leave at a specific time. It may be fast and convenient at just 45 minutes from Manhattan to the Hamptons, but it'll still cost you $500 for a one-way trip.

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Champagne from the Minibar Delivery app

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What We Like
  • Reliable delivery times.

  • Responsive customer service.

What We Don't Like
  • No same-day service outside of major cities.

  • The available inventory is not always up to date.

For the best selections in liquor, wine, spirits and beer, you can use the Minibar Delivery app to not only browse through what's available but also order them and get them delivered right to your door. An ice-cold bottle of Dom Perignon 2000 champagne can be delivered in under an hour to you in Manhattan for just $550.99. Simply add your favorite alcoholic beverage to your cart using the app, enter your address and payment information and wait patiently for it to arrive.

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Sailboat and yacht rentals from the GetMyBoat app

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What We Like
  • Widely supported across the globe.

  • You can directly message boat owners and tour operators. 

What We Don't Like
  • Hourly rentals require a minimum charge.

  • Price filters are unreliable.

GetMyBoat lets people secure boat rentals from over 26,000 boats in 110 countries. From powerboats and catamarans to sailboats and yachts, just pick the location on the map provided in the app and start browsing photos and prices of all the impressive watercrafts available. Reserve one with a single tap, or even contact the owner if you've got more questions. Need a big, fancy yacht for an extravagant party event? Expect to drop a few thousand dollars for just a one-day rental.

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