Buying Fiverr Twitter Followers: The Good + The Bad

Bought a few thousand Twitter followers for $5 bucks and got back 500 real ones

Fiverr Twitter Followers

I'll probably get shunned for writing about buying followers, but inquiring minds want to know, right?

There's a big controversy about buying Twitter followers, specifically, buying Fiverr Twitter followers. As if spending $100 on followers is somehow more dignified than spending $5.

Buying followers is definitely a black hat social media trick, and one that makes newbies to Twitter look silly. The number of teenagers I see with fifty-thousand followers will make your eyes roll back and yawn.

However, I can't dismiss the fact that you can buy them at all. That's why I'm here. And yeah, you can buy anywhere from a thousand to a hundred thousand followers for $5 bucks.

Let's not forget the details though, the cons:

  • Make no mistake, any followers you buy will be, in fact, fake. They'll tell you you're getting real followers, but you're not. And even if someone is paying people to follow you, they're still not real followers.
  • If you're a business measuring clicks and your ROI, you can just stop measuring because those ratios will get thrown in the trash once you start counting clicks and including thousands of inactive accounts in your measurements. It's like having an email list where 90% of the list is loaded with fake email addresses. How can you count on an accurate click or open rate when most of your list isn't real?
  • If you buy too many, the smart people will see your Twitter bio, figure you out, and they won't trust you. Big risk factor for any business.
  • In no time at all, usually a month, those fake accounts will be discovered by Twitter and deleted.

But there's a major perk to buying followers, if you only buy a reasonable amount (say, 2,500).

Any smart business knows the power of influence, and people are more likely to follow an account that has a few thousand followers already (we're such sheep, aren't we?)

Let's be realistic: nobody wants to follow an account with zero followers. You can get more Twitter followers the slow, organic way, or you can cheat and see what happens.

Testing the Power of a Few Thousand Followers

I wanted to prove my theory and decided to give it a good test, as I often do.

I started a brand new Twitter account for @About_Tweeting that started with zero followers. Zero everything. I hooked it up to a couple of news feeds and let it run on autopilot for the most part. I mean, I checked in lots, but let's just say it's hard to run a news feed and actually get other things done during the day unless you have something set on autopilot.

I spent $5 on Fiverr to get 2,500 (fake) followers.

After thirty days, I gained 500 real followers. People who retweeted me and even engaged with me.

After those thirty days, the 2,500 fake followers were found out and deleted by Twitter. I didn't get in trouble for buying them. After all, you're not responsible for who follows you.

So basically, spending $5 on 2,500 fake followers got me 500 real followers in a month. Have you ever tried to get 500 followers in a month before? Pretty darn tough.

I mean, it wasn't all on autopilot. I hand-crafted good, interesting Tweets for the month. I set up quotes to run through, hashtagged articles and did all the right things I was supposed to. I even attended a Tweet Chat.

Regardless, getting 500 people to follow you in a month is hard, even for me. Buying a couple thousand Twitter followers for a handful of bucks seemed to make it a whole lot easier. And it seems a little sleazy, but now that the fake ones are gone, I still have 500 real people to hang out with.

The power of perception, that's all marketing is. If you tell people you make "the best cup of coffee in town", people will want to see if you really are the best. If you tell people you have 2,500 followers, they'll want to find out what makes you so interesting.