The Best Places to Buy Fonts

These reputable font sellers have stood the test of time

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Your computer and many software programs come equipped with fonts, so it's likely you already have a lot of fonts at your fingertips. However, if you need a specific font or are looking for something new, the internet provides a shopping bonanza of fonts. A lot of places sell fonts, but several sites have stood the test of time and have a reputation for providing reliable products. All these sites also provide a wealth of educational and information material, a regular new fonts section and more fonts than you'll ever need.

Buying Direct From Linotype

Linotype sells an enormous selection of high-quality fonts. Explore the Linotype Library of Fonts to find the one you need. You can buy single fonts, a family pack, or take advantage of one of the special deal packs that the site offers regularly. by Monotype Imaging

In addition to selling fonts, and its partner foundries offer a selection of high-quality free fonts. Register at no charge to get to the download section. There are many articles, newsletters and Q&A content for learning about fonts and typography. Even if you're not in the market for new fonts, you'll gain a lot of insight into how to use the fonts you already own just by browsing this site. sells fonts but it also offers subscription packages to its fonts for a monthly fee:

  • Web Font Subscription: Web designers can choose from five plans (one free) to access 3,000 to 40,000 fonts. These are high-quality web fonts from Monotype, Linotype, and other providers.
  • Monotype Library Subscription: The library contains fonts from Monotype, Linotype, ITC, Bitstream, and Ascender. More than 9,000 typefaces from over 2,200 font families are currently available and new ones from the type foundries are added as they are introduced. There are several subscription plans available. Check the website for the best plan for you. by Bitstream

At MyFonts, you can search for fonts by name, by a designer or by a foundry, browse by category, check out their "Hot New Fonts", and use what may be its best-known feature — WhatTheFont for font identification. With this feature, you upload a scan of a font you are trying to match, and the site gives you the name of a matching or nearly matching font


FontShop, the first independent digital font retailer, was acquired by Monotype in 2014. You can search for fonts organized by category, foundry, and designer, or you can search randomly on those days when you want to make great accidental discoveries. The free font section contains a large selection of free fonts. The News & Interviews and the Help & Resources sections provide plenty of information on fonts.

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