How to Buy eBooks on iPhone or iPad Using the Books App

Purchase books directly from your device with Apple Books

Man in office surrounded by books using iPad

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Buying eBooks through the Apple Books (iBooks) app is extremely easy. All you have to do is open the Book Store area of the app and tap the buy button.

Before you buy eBooks on your iPad or iPhone, you're given the opportunity to read a sample of the book. We'll go over how to do that at the very bottom of this page so that you can get at taste of the book before committing to it.

Reading eBooks you've purchased is equally straightforward. In fact, you can use the exact same app that you used to buy the book.

Buying "iBooks" content is similar to buying things from iTunes Store, with one key difference being how you access the store.

How to Buy eBooks on iPhone or iPad

You need the Books app to order eBooks on your device. You can download the Books app if you don't already have it.

These eBook buying instructions apply to both iPhone and iPad even though the screenshots are from an iPad.

  1. Open the Books app.

  2. Tap Book Store at the bottom.

    Apple Books Reading Now tab on iPad
  3. Find and select the eBook you want to order.

    Apple Books New This Week section on iPad
  4. Tap BUY and then confirm the order to purchase the eBook.

    eBook buy page in Apple Books app for iPad

How to Read Your eBooks

If you've just purchased the book or downloaded a free eBook, the screen you were on during Step 4 above will change to show a READ button. Just tap it to instantly start reading the book.

How to Be Free eBook from the Books app on iPad

Another way is from the Library section of the app. Every book you've added to the Books app is stored there. This is true for books you've ordered from the Books app, transferred to your device from other apps, or copied to your iPad or iPhone via iTunes.

Library tab of Books app for iPad

Once you're in that area of the app, select the book you want to read. It will open immediately, at which point you can swipe left and right to turn the pages or tap once to access the menu.

Free eBook open on iPad

To return to your other eBooks, tap once to show the menu and then select the back arrow from the upper-left edge of the screen.

Tips on Buying eBooks With Apple Books

There's a lot to the Apple Books app, so knowing a few tips you can use here and there can go a long way.

  • Grab a free sample of an eBook by tapping SAMPLE on the download page.
  • Downloading free books is similar to buying eBooks — just tap GET instead.
  • The Browse Sections area at the very top of the Book Store tab makes finding eBooks easy. You can locate new and trending books, eBooks coming soon, books categorized into a specific genre, the top eBooks people are buying, and free eBooks.
  • Every eBook download page has several other options beyond the buy/get option. You can send the eBook as a gift, add it to your "Want to read" catalog, view more eBooks (and audiobooks) by that author, view the top eBooks in that same genre, see when the book was last updated, and read the system requirements needed to read the book.
  • Some books might take a while to download, so you may need to wait a little bit for it to become fully available to read. You'll see a download progress bar for those books.
  • Your Apple ID is required to make eBook purchases from the Books app. You can reset your Apple ID password if you don't know it.