How to Buy an Apple Watch as a Gift

Apple Watches

Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images 

The Apple Watch can make an excellent gift. Buying for another person; however, isn’t without it’s complications. You’ll need to pick the perfect Apple Watch model, the right size, and then there are a ton of Apple Watch bands to choose from. Making all those choices can be a bit overwhelming, but in the end is actually a fairly simple process. if you’re considering buying an Apple Watch for a friend or loved one, here’s what to consider.

Pick a Model

Unless you really like that person you’re shopping for (and have a ton of cash to spend), then you’re going to be making the choice between the traditional Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Sport (The other option is the $10k 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition). Functionality-wise, the two watches are identical. They both run the exact same software, and have the exact same computer parts running them. The difference between the two watches come in what they’re made out of.

The Apple Watch Sport casing is made of anodized aluminum, and has a screen made of Ion-X glass. The traditional Apple Watch is a bit sturdier (and a bit more expensive) and has a stainless steel case and sapphire crystal screen. While the traditional Apple Watch is arguably a bit stronger and less likely to break, both are well made and shouldn’t have any issues. If your gift recipient is a bit on the clumsy side; however, then you might want to gravitate toward the traditional Apple Watch over the Sport model.

Pick a Size

The Apple Watch comes in two sizes: 38mm and 42mm. In general, the smaller size is worn by women, while the larger size is worm by men. However, that’s not a hard and fast rule. Men with smaller wrists may find the 38mm to be a more comfortable size, and women with larger wrists or who want a slightly larger screen might prefer the 42mm version. Consider who you’re purchasing the Watch for, and pick a size like you might pick a piece of clothing for that person.

Select an Apple Watch Band

This is arguably the most difficult part of the Apple Watch buying process. There are a significant number of Apple Watch band options out there, which can make it difficult to narrow your choices down to the perfect one. Luckily, Apple sells the bands separately now, so your recipient isn’t tied to whichever you choose. If you’re purchasing the Apple Watch Sport, then something like the black band can be a good choice. For the traditional Apple Watch you can also choose the black Sport band, or opt for something a bit classier, such as the Milanese loop. keep in mind, the nicer the band, the more expensive the Apple Watch purchase will be. Depending on what you choose, you could end up doubling the cost of your purchase.

Keep Your Receipt

An Apple Watch is a very personal item. If you buy a watch or accessories as a gift, be sure to hang on to your receipt so your recipient has the option to exchange it for a different model, or a different band, if the choice you make ends up not being quite perfect.