Buy a Mac for School, Get a Gift Card

iPads, too, for up to $50 off

The Back to School sale on Macs and iPads has begun anew, with a gift card as this year's qualifying purchase bonus.

2022's student promotion has begun, with Apple offering added discounts on various Mac and iPad models—along with a bonus gift card that's really more of a rebate. Apple's student discount is also now much more exclusive than it once was, but so long as you can prove eligibility, you'll still be able to take advantage.

Apple back to school sale 2022


The promotion works like this: buying a qualifying iMac or MacBook will net you a $100 to $150 gift card, depending on the final cost of your purchase. Similarly, buying an iPad Air or Pro provides a gift card with a $50 or more balance—again, depending on the final cost. You can also save 20 percent on an AppleCare+ plan (two-year for iPad or three-year for Mac) if you want the extended protection.

Apple accessories


According to the fine print, the gift card isn't exactly a freebie, however. It functions more like an instant rebate in Apple Store-specific currency which, let's be honest, will probably be used towards some added accessories. Maybe a pair of AirPods, an iPad folio, or an Apple Pencil.

Apple's Back to School student discount promotion is happening now and is available for education purchases on the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. The deals are available (once proof is provided) to current newly accepted college students, their parents, and educational faculty/staff at all levels.

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