7 Business Social Networks You Should Know About

A List of business-related social networks for professionals

An image graphic of a group of business professionals talking to each other.

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Business social networks can be a big help in company recruiting efforts and a great asset to the hungry professional hoping to leverage their business contacts in order to improve their career.

Whether you are looking for a promotion or looking to dip your feet in an entirely new industry, social business networking can be just the thing to advance your current position.

The following business-focused social networks provides the tools needed to reach out and make business connections, find new jobs, or find specialized job seekers.

LinkedIn: The Number One Place to Be Online for Professionals

A screenshot of LinkedIn.com.

LinkedIn is the most popular business social network and one of the most recognizable social networks in the world. Focused on helping professionals maintain their list of connections, LinkedIn also provides invaluable information on companies and is a great resource for job seekers and for filling job vacancies.

XING: Find Jobs, Events and Companies You Like

A screenshot of Xing.com.

XING is one of the oldest business-oriented social networks. With over seven million professionals using the service every day and conducting business in 16 different languages, XING is a world leader in business networking. An excellent site for keeping track of your business contacts, XING can also help employers fill job vacancies and help young professionals land their fist big job.

Opportunity: Get Matched With the Right Professional Opportunities

A screenshot of MyOpportunity.com.

Opportunity does all the hard work for you by using its advanced algorithm to match you up with the best opportunities in employment, sales, networking and other professional relationships. You can even integrate it with your LinkedIn network and receive alerts for job opportunities and more. 


Meetup: Find Local Groups That Meet Regularly in Your Area

A screenshot of Meetup.com.

Meetup isn't just for professionals, but it's a social network you won't want to overlook for your professional goals. This popular platform aims to help people who share similar interests actually meet up in person. Use it to find existing groups in any location in the world or alternatively start your own.

Ryze: List Your Professional Profile According to Different Category

A screenshot of Ryze.com.

Founded in late 2001, Ryze was one of the first social networking websites. With the ability to set up company networks, Ryze is great for professionals who want to create their own business networks and connect with other professionals on a platform other than LinkedIn. 

Gadball: Take Advantage of Job Search and Application Tools

A screenshot of Gadball.com.

Gadball is a great alternative to LinkedIn for its valuable resources and tools. Job seekers can create their own professional profiles, browse job listings, access the cover letter center, see salaries and wages for their own professions and so much more. Recruiters can also post job listings for free, giving them a greater incentive to make use of the platform.


AngelList: Apply to Job Listings at Startup Companies

A screenshot of AngelList.com

 Are you into the startup scene? If so, you're going to want to know about AngelList. This is a social network designed specifically for professionals looking to advance their careers in startup companies. You can browse over 80,000 job listings and apply to them or connect with them as an investor to help them raise funds.