8 Business Online Backup Services Reviewed

List of Companies Offering Online Backup for Business and Enterprise Clients

Business online backup isn't always consumer-grade online backup with a different name and higher price. Business and enterprise cloud backup plans often offer serious advantages like advanced user management, intelligent dashboards, business-class support, and more.

Of course consumer and the business online backup share important features: always-on backup, a focus on security, and of course the knowledge that the important data that keeps your business running will never be lost.

Below are short reviews of every reputable business online backup service I've heard of. Please let me know if I've missed a provider or an update is needed.

Note: See our Online Backup Services Reviewed list if you're interested in a backup plan for your home or home office. You might also want to read through our Online Backup FAQ for answers to common questions about home, business, and enterprise online backup.

Screenshot of the Carbonite logo
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Carbonite has been around for a long time and offers some very popular consumer-grade backup plans. Their business online backup plans are also very popular.

Carbonite's business plans come with an Admin Dashboard, support for 128-bit Blowfish encryption, unlimited computers, and options for greater installation and recovery support than you'll find in their non-business plans.

Carbonite has three business plans: Core, with 250 GB of storage; Power, with 500 GB of storage but with one server backup too; and Ultimate that includes 500 GB as well but protects physical and virtual servers too, plus includes image and bare metal recovery, among other things.

Carbonite's business online backup plans are HIPAA compliant and support an unlimited number of devices. Additional backup space can be had in 100 GB increments for $99.99 /year.

As you can see, Carbonite's business plans are structured a bit differently than some of the other ones I've reviewed, so let's look at two examples so it's easier to compare:

A business with 5 computers (no servers) with no more than 250 GB of total space needed is best off with a 3-year prepayment of Carbonite's Core business plan for $728.99 (which is around $20.25 /month).

With 25 computers and 1 TB of cloud backup space needed, a larger business (with servers) gets the best deal with a 3-year prepayment of Carbonite's Power business plan. Due to the need to add 500 GB of extra storage onto the plan, the grand total would be $3,119.84 (about $86.66 /month).

Back up Your Business With Carbonite

Check out Carbonite's Server Plans if your business needs to back up live applications or databases like SQL, Exchange, or Oracle. More »

Screenshot of the CrashPlan logo
© Code42 Software, Inc.

CrashPlan for Small Business is another one of my favorite business online backup services. CrashPlan encrypts data at 448-bit, making it one of the more secure services.

Some of my favorite things about CrashPlan are unlimited versioning, support for a very wide variety of operating systems, mobile apps for all major smartphone platforms, and an easy to use interface.

CrashPlan has just one, very simple plan: unlimited data for $10.00 /month /computer.

For example, for a business with 5 computers, you will get space for unlimited data for $50.00 /month.

A larger business, say with 25 computers, will have a $250.00 /month bill. Unlimited data here too, of course.

Their enterprise-class plan offers bonus features that very large organizations (over 200 computers) will appreciate like public/private cloud options, no data limits, and more. Contact them for pricing. More »

Backblaze Logo
© Backblaze, Inc.

Backblaze is another fantastic business online backup service. Everything about it is simple, including deployment, function, and pricing.

Backblaze has just one plan: unlimited storage for $50 /computer /year. Unlike some other business online backup services, you'll never need to worry about how much backup space you'll need.

Some simple math will get you a real-world example: a business with 5 computers can back up an unlimited amount of data for the equivalent of $20.83 /month with Backblaze.

A business with 25 computers can back up unlimited data with Backblaze for around $104.17 /month with a 1-year prepayment.

Backblaze keeps your critical business data very secure, using a 128-bit key to encrypt data and storing that key with 2048-bit RSA encryption.

Backblaze's business plan has a 5-computer minimum. If your business has less than five computers, you can always sign up for their standard service. See our Backblaze Review for more on it.

Purchase Business Backup From Backblaze

If deployment and management of yet another software program concerns you, or if making decisions about what data on your employee's computers should be backed up worries you, or if you're anxious about incurring overage charges as your data backup needs change, then Backblaze is the online backup service your business has been looking for.

If you need to back up a server, you can pay $5 /month /TB with their B2 Cloud Storage plan. More »

Screenshot of the SOS Online Backup logo
© SOS Online Backup

SOS has one of the most popular consumer-grade backup plans in the world so it's no surprise that their business online backup offering doesn't disappoint either.

With SOS, you get centralized management, unlimited file versioning, 256-bit AES encryption as well as custom encryption keys, NAS and external device backup, mobile apps, support for unlimited PCs, Macs, and smartphones, and lots more.

SOS Business comes in seven plans. For an example, consider a requirement of 250 GB or 1,000 GB of storage. Respectively, these plans would come in at $50.00 /month and $158.33 /month if you prepay for a year of service.

There's also the option to pay for a backup plan on a monthly basis, but the per-month cost is then more expensive than going the one-year route.

Since SOS's plans are based not on the number of computers, but instead on the online backup storage space your business needs, it's pretty simple to determine how much their business-class service will run you based on the size of your company.

Purchase an SOS Business Backup Plan

Infrascale Backup is SOS's enterprise-class cloud backup service, with support for server operating systems, Microsoft Exchange, SQL, more than 1 TB of backup space, and bare metal imaging. More »

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Screenshot of the Mozy logo
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Mozy is a serious player in the business online backup world. They were easily the most popular consumer-grade provider for many years and are now a popular option for business and enterprise customers. Being owned and supported by EMC Corporation doesn't hurt.

As with all business-class backup services, security is a big deal with MozyPro. You have the option of 256-bit AES encryption using your own key, or 448-bit Blowfish encryption if you let Mozy manage it.

MozyPro keeps up to 180 days of file versions so that you can undo changes made up to six months ago.

MozyPro plans are based on the storage you need and whether or not you need servers - all plans allow for backup from an unlimited number of computers.

Let's take a small business with 5 computers and a total backup need of 250 GB. In this example, MozyPro runs $110.98 /month, or as low as $67.98 /month with a 2-year prepayment.

A slightly larger business, with 25 computers and 1 TB of storage needs, would run $409.98 /month with MozyPro, slightly less with a 2-year upfront payment.

Note: The prices here are for unlimited servers, desktops, and laptops. Prices are slightly less without servers, and even more inexpensive if you prepay for one or two years.

Sign up for MozyPro

Mozy also offers enterprise-class online backup, unsurprisingly called MozyEnterprise. It offers the additional support and features that you'd expect from a backup service intended for larger companies. More »

Screenshot of the SugarSync logo
© SugarSync, Inc.

SugarSync is another company that offers business online backup. Business-class features like live support and an admin dashboard set SugarSync's business plan apart from their very popular consumer plans.

SugarSync offers one 1,000 GB plan that starts with 3 users with extra users running $13 /month /user. Here are some scenarios to help you compare SugarSync Business with the other business online backup services on my list:

A business with five users will get 1,000 GB of online backup space for $81.00 /month.

A 25 user business must share the same 1,000 GB of space for around $275.00 /month.

Mobile apps for Android and iOS, easy file sharing, 256-bit AES encryption, and remote data wiping are a few more of the many great features you get with SugarSync for Business.

Purchase a SugarSync for Business Plan

If you have more than three users, you may be able to get a better deal that what I've calculated above by contacting them for a Custom plan. That's the way to go as well if you need more than the 1,000 GB in their standard business plan.

Less than three users? SugarSync's consumer cloud backup service is a better bet. More »

Screenshot of the OpenDrive logo
© OpenDrive

OpenDrive also offers a business online backup plan, called Business Unlimited which, as you can guess, offers unlimited storage for your backed up business files.

In addition to unlimited storage in their Business Unlimited plan, OpenDrive offers support for backup from an unlimited number computers, no file size limits, unlimited upload (backup) bandwidth, 256 AES custom encryption keys, an admin console for management, file versioning up to 99 versions, and lots more.

For a 5 user business, unlimited cloud backup runs $497 /year, or $41.42 /month.

A 25 user business gets unlimited backup space for $1,487 /year, or $123.92 /month.

Sign up for OpenDrive Business Unlimited

Both of the plan options from above are with the 1-year prepayment option. Prices are a bit higher if you plan on paying by the month. More »

Screenshot of the Zoolz Intelligent Cloud logo
© Zoolz Intelligent Cloud

Zoolz Business has several pre-configured plans you can pick from, all of which include backup space for an unlimited number of computers and servers. The storage for these plans ranges from 1 TB all the way to 50 TB+.

To make things easier, Zoolz lets you build your own custom plan. Using the "Mix and Match" tool, you can define exactly how many computers or servers you need to back up, how much space you require, and whether you'd like to use Cold Storage and/or Instant Storage.

As an example, say you have 5 computers you need to back up, with a combined storage space requirement of 250 GB. The cheapest way to do this would be to build your own plan and get 300 GB of instant/hot storage for as low as $240 /year ($20.00 /month). If you were to opt for just Cold Storage instead, by choosing the smallest closest amount of 500 GB, the cost would fall to $200 /year ($16.67 /month)

When building your own plan, you can combine Instant Storage and Cold Storage, but sometimes it makes more sense to stick to one.

If your organization requires 1 TB of space for something like 25 users, the 1 TB Cold Storage option puts you at $400.00 /year, whereas the Hot Storage (instant storage) would raise the price to $800.00 /year. However, 500 GB of both storage types (to equal 1 TB in total) means you're paying $600.00 /year.

Sign up for Zoolz Business

Zoolz Business also has a number of features worth mentioning: your files are never deleted from your account when they're removed from a computer, you can upload files directly to the Zoolz website, permissions for users can be centrally managed, all files are transferred and stored using 256-bit AES encryption, and much more. More »

Aren't There More Business Online Backup Services?

Absolutely. I'm currently looking closer at a number of additional business online backup services from companies like Iron Mountain, Barracuda, Rackspace, NETGEAR, SpiderOak, and many more. You'll see them all reviewed and ranked soon.

This is editorial content. However, we may receive compensation if you sign up for a service a listed above.