Browsing Content at the iTunes Store

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Go to the iTunes Store

browse iTunes
Browsing iTunes.

While the main way to find songs, movies, TV shows, apps, and other content at the iTunes Store is searching, that's not the only way. It's not widely known, but you can also browse the Store. This can be a great way to discover content you're not already familiar with (though there's a huge amount to sift through). Here's what you need to know to do that.

Begin by opening iTunes and going to the iTunes Store.

Scroll to the bottom of the iTunes Store window. Look for the Features column and click on Browse.

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Browse Genres/Categories

browse iTunes
Browsing iTunes, step 2.

The iTunes window transforms from the colorful, highly illustrated iTunes Store we all know to a grid. In the left-hand column of that grid are the kinds of iTunes Store content you can browse: Apps, audiobooks, iTunes U, movies, music, music videos, podcasts, and TV shows. Click on the kind of content you want to browse.

Once you've made your first selection, the next column will display content. What appears here depends on what you selected. For instance, if you chose audiobooks, music, music videos, TV, or movies, you'll see Genres. If you chose apps, iTunes U, or podcasts, you'll see Categories.

Continue making selections in each column (such as subgenres, narrator/author, etc.) to refine your browsing.

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Select Album/Season

browse iTunes
Browsing iTunes, step 3.

When you've navigated through the full set of columns for the kind of content you chose, the final column will display the albums, TV seasons, subcategory, etc. Assuming you've found something you're interested in, click it.

If you've come to the last column and haven't found something you want to check out, go back a column or two, make some new selections, and move through the column selections again.

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Preview and Buy

browsing itunes
Browsing iTunes, step 4.

In the bottom half of the window, you'll see the listings of the item you selected.

  • For Apps, you'll see a list of apps in the category and subcategory you selected.
  • For Audiobooks, you'll see all the audiobooks matching the Genre and Author/Narrator you selected. Double click an audiobook to hear a 30-second clip from it.
  • For iTunes U, all the items that match the category and subcategory you selected will appear. Double clicking a result will play the audio or video.
  • For Movies, you'll see a list of all movies in the selected genre. Double click a movie to watch its trailer.
  • For Music, you'll see that album's songs. Double click a song to hear a 90-second clip from it.
  • For Music videos, double click the results of the Genre and Artist selections to watch a 30-second clip.
  • For Podcasts, double clicking your results will play the podcast.
  • For a TV show, you'll see the episodes for the season you selected. Double clicking an episode will play a 30-second preview.

To download many free items or to purchase paid items, you'll need an iTunes account/Apple ID and to be logged into it. Learn how to create one here.

Next to each item is a button. These buttons let you download, buy, or view the item you've selected. Click it to take those actions and you'll be ready to start enjoying your new content.

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