How to Browse the Web on a PS Vita

What You Need to Know to Go Online On the Go

PS Vita Internet Browser Icon
PS Vita Internet Browser Icon. Sony

One of the pre-installed apps on the PS Vita is a web browser. Although it's not that different from web browsing on a PSP, the browser itself has been improved over the PSP's version, making it an easier and better experience.

Before you are able to get online with the web browser, you'll first need to set up your PS Vita for internet access. To do that, open the "Settings" by tapping the icon that looks like a toolbox. Select "Wi-Fi Settings" or "Mobile Network Settings" and set up you connection from there (on a Wi-Fi only model, you'll only be able to use Wi-Fi, but on a 3G model you can use either).

Getting On The Web

Once you have an internet connection set up and enabled, tap the Browser icon (blue with WWW in it) to open its LiveArea. You may see a list of websites on the left, and website banners on the bottom right (once you've visited a few web sites, you should start to see items here). You can use either of these to open the browser and go directly to the website listed. If you don't see those, or if you want to go to a different website, tap the "Start" icon to launch the browser.

Navigating the Web

If you know the URL of the website you want to visit, tap the address bar at the top of the screen (if you don't see it, try flicking the screen downwards) and type in the URL using the on-screen keyboard. If you don't know the URL, or want to search on a topic, tap the "Search" icon--it's the one that looks like a magnifying glass, fourth one down in the right-hand column. Then enter the name of the website or the topic you're looking for, just like you would with your computer's web browser. Following links is the same as using a computer browser, too--just tap on the link you want to go to (but see below on using multiple windows).

Using Multiple Windows

The browser app doesn't have tabs, but you can have up to 8 separate browser windows open at once. There are two ways to open a new window. If you want to open a page for which you know the URL or start a new search in a separate window, tap the "Windows" icon in the right-hand column, third from the top (it looks like stacked squares, with the top one having a + in it). Then tap the rectangle with the + in it from the screen that appears.

The other way to open a new window is by opening a link on an existing page in a new window. Touch and hold the link you want to open in a separate window until a menu appears, then select "Open in New Window." To switch between open windows, tap the "Windows" icon, then select the window you wish to view from the screen that appears. You can close windows from here by tapping the X in the top left corner of each window icon, or you can close a window when it is active by tapping the X at the top of the screen, just to the right of the address bar.

Other Browser Functions

To add a web page to your bookmarks tap the "Options" icon (the one in the bottom right with ... on it) and select "Add Bookmark" and then "OK". Visiting a previously bookmarked page is as simple as tapping the favorites icon (the heart at the bottom of the right-hand column) and selecting the appropriate link. To organize your bookmarks tap the favorites icon then "Options" (...).

You can also save images from webpages to your memory card by touching and holding on the image until a menu appears. Select "Save Image" and then "Save."

Naturally, with such a tiny screen, you need to be able to zoom in and out. You can do this by pinching your finger apart on the screen to zoom in, and pinching your fingers together to zoom out. Or you can double-tap the area you want to zoom in on. Double-tap again to zoom back out.


While you can use the web browser while playing a game or watching a video, display of some of the web content will be limited. This is probably an issue of memory and processor power. So if you plan to do a lot of browsing, it's best to quit out of your game or video first. If you just want to look something up quickly without quitting what you're doing, though, you can. Just don't expect to be able to watch videos on the web while you have a game running in the background.