How to Bring Back Contacts Display in Outlook Express

What to Know

  • In the Outlook Express menu on your computer, select View > Layout.
  • Enable Contacts if it isn't enabled. Click OK.

This article explains how to bring back the contacts display in Outlook Express. Outlook Express is a discontinued email and news client that was superseded by Windows MailOutlook Express is available as a download and only works with Windows XP.

How to Bring Back Contacts Display in Outlook Express

Outlook Express uses the Windows Address Book to store contact information and integrates tightly with it. On Windows XP, it also integrates with Windows Messenger.

Outlook Express can display a list of your address book contacts in its main window, providing easy access to them. If you have accidentally or willingly removed that list from the Outlook Express window, you can get it back easily.

To restore the Contacts pane in Outlook Express:

  1. Select View > Layout from the menu in Outlook Express.
  2. Make sure Contacts is enabled.
  3. Click OK.

Now you can start using the Contacts pane again in Outlook Express.

Note, however, that the Contacts pane will only display up to 999 addresses from your Outlook Express address book.

Outlook Express Availability and Compatibility

Outlook Express was bundled with several versions of Microsoft Windows, from Windows 98 to Windows Server 2003, and was available for Windows 3.x, and Windows NT. In Windows Vista, Outlook Express was superseded by Windows Mail

Outlook Express was also available for Mac System 7, Mac OS 8, and Mac OS 9. Outlook Express was superseded by Apple Mail.

Outlook Express is a different application from Microsoft Outlook. The similar names lead many people to conclude incorrectly that Outlook Express is a stripped-down version of Microsoft Outlook. 

Both Outlook and Outlook Express handle the basics of internet mail, including an address book, message rules, user-created folders, and support for POP3, IMAP, and HTTP mail accounts. Outlook Express was developed as part of Internet Explorer with the home user in mind, while Outlook was developed as part of Microsoft Office with the corporate user in mind. Outlook Express is a basic internet mail program that is part of Internet Explorer and Windows. Outlook is a full-featured personal information manager that is available as a part of Microsoft Office, and also as a stand-alone program.

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